Dropbox reportedly secures a $600 million credit line

Preteen unicorn Dropbox involves some currency real quick, so the company only assured a $600 million personal credit line according to a new Bloomberg report. This “couldve been” the companys last-place fund round before its initial public offering.

According to Bloomberg, Dropbox is thinking about going public before the end of the year. According to what weve hear, the timeline isnt set in stone yet.

So what could Dropbox do with $600 million? First of all, its a good cushion of fund. If Dropbox needs to acquire a spooky adversary or faces some unpredictable overheads, there will be enough fund on the companys bank account.

It too hands more flexibility for the initial public offering. Dropbox could take advantage of this ascribe equipment and push back its IPO a bit, or it could leave this route untouched and go public soonish.

Either way, Dropbox is now free-cash flow positive with a receipt lead frequency projection of$ 1 billion for this year. Not bad, Dropbox , not bad.

Dropbox has been becoming after big companies with profitable transactions while trimming cost by building its own infrastructure. The corporation previously relied a great deal on Amazon Web Work. Dropbox has built its own data centres since then.

Snap is essentially taken an opposite posture by committing$ 2 billion over five years for Google Cloud infrastructure. It was scheduled as a risk factor in Snaps IPO filing. Future Dropbox investors will appreciate Dropboxs independence on this front.

The company could use part of this credit facility for infrastructure investments. Having its own infrastructure is immense, but its too capital intensive.

JPMorgan, Bank of America, Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs, Macquarie and Royal Bank of Canada all participated in todays ascribe equipment. One of those banks could end up underwriting the Dropbox IPO, so Dropbox likely negotiated favorable terms.

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