Kim Jong-nam’s body to be released in deal with North Korea

Nine Malaysians stymie from leaving North Korea allowed to go as part of agreement with Pyongyang

Malaysia has agreed to release the body of Kim Jong-nam to North Korea in exchange for the yield of nine Malaysians held in Pyongyang.

Relations between Malaysia and North koreans have been badly frayed by the murder of the half-brother of North Koreas leader, Kim Jong-un, at Kuala Lumpurs airport. Both countries withdrew their diplomats and North koreans stymie nine Malaysians from leaving the country. Malaysia responded in kind, preventing the deviation of Northern korean, including 3 accuseds believed to be hiding in the North Korean embassy.

Following talks that he described as very sensitive, the prime minister, Najib Razak, said on Thursday that North koreans had allowed the nine Malaysians to leave, and that Malaysia had agreed to exhaust Kims remains to North Korea. He did not say whether Kims body have really left Malaysia.

Earlier, a van was find leaving the mortuary where Kims body ever held, after which police police were removed.

A van maybe carrying the body of Kim Jong-nam leaves a hospice in Kuala Lumpur. Image: AFP/ Getty Images

Najib said in a statement that Malaysia would allow Northern korean to leave the country as part of the agreement. It was not clear whether that included the three accuseds demanded by police. They include an embassy hire and an Air Koryo worker. Four other North Korean accuseds left the country on the day Kim was killed.

Following the completion of the postmortem on the deceased and receipt of a note from their own families soliciting the remains be returned to North koreans, the coroner has approved exhaust of the body, Najib said.

North Koreas official Korean Central News Agency showed such arrangements, reading the two sides had pledged to guarantee the safety and security of each others citizens, and that Malaysia had agreed to transfer the body to the family of the deceased in North koreans. Kim, however, is believed to have children with women living in Macau and Beijing , not in North Korea.

Government officials could not immediately be reached for further details.

Kim was poisoned on 13 February in a overflowing terminal at the airport. According to Malaysian investigators, two young women approached Kim as he waited for a flight and slandered VX nerve agent a banned chemical artillery on his face. He was dead within 20 minutes. North koreans, which is widely suspected to be behind the attack, has scorned the autopsy findings.

Oh Ei Sun, an adjunct senior colleague with Singapores Rajaratnam School of International Studies, told you he wouldnt be surprised if the three North Korean accuseds at the embassy had been allowed to leave as part of the deal.

This is not a startle, Oh suggested. North koreans has been performing disreputable deeds around the world, such as kidnap and assassinations, throughout the decades with impunity.

He said he reflected North koreans might have asked for more, such as asking that Malaysia change its autopsy receiving to be acknowledged that Kim vanished of a heart attack.

Experts say the VX nerve agent was almost certainly produced in a sophisticated state weapons laboratory, and North koreans is widely believed to possess large quantities of chemical weapons.

Doan Thi Huong( L) and Siti Aisyah have been charged with the assassination of Kim Jong-nam. Image: AFP/ Getty Images

North Korea has disclaimed any character in the killing and denounced the investigation as shortcoming and politically motivated. North koreans does not even acknowledge the victim is Kim Jong-nam, referring to him instead as Kim Chol, the specify on the passport he was carrying when he died.

North Korea had challenged detention of the body because the victim was one of its citizens. But Malaysia refused, in part because it needed to formally identify the body, which it now responds it has done, working Dna from Kims son.

The two women accused of mopping Kims face with the deadly have been charged with slaying. Siti Aisyah of Indonesia and Doan Thi Huong of Vietnam say they were scam into thinking they were taking part in a hidden-camera escapade Tv show.

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