RydenGo gets ready to take on Lyft and Uber

RydenGo is cooking up anew model for ride hailing. Rather than taking a commission, RydenGo will charge motorists a flat $20 per month due cost. The motorist keeps the fare they blame and any tips they earn.

The fare is key to RydenGos model. When a used requests a razz via app, drivers in the area respond with a pace for the razz that they provide themselves rather than having proportions set by the company. The used is available to choose which go to accept.

RydenGo too hopes to improve safety in ride hailing by using a four-digit verification code to relieve the possibilities that a passenger will get into the wrong vehicle. The corporation handles the usual background checks on motorists, and they require proof with a RydenGo representative in person or via phone. It too promises to conduct random background checks on motorists if there is a need as determined by its internal security monitoring work, according to a press release.

Its free( for now) for motorists to sign up for the beta program thats already in place in virtually two dozen U.S. metropolis. Founder Michael Pappas hopes to have the service, which has its headquarters in Newport Beach, CA, up and running this autumn. Pappas told the LA Times that he comes from a pro-union background and am of the opinion that a company can be profitable without employing its workers.

There are other facets of ridesharing and auto sharing in the works at RydenGo once the basics are in place, like a social function for setting carpools and a playground which allows you hire, mention, a yield fire truck for the purposes of an incident. As Pappas said in the press release, Why cant changing “the worlds” be recreation?

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