Watch SpaceXs first launch with a reused Falcon 9 rocket right here

SpaceX is propelling a Falcon 9 projectile at 6:27 PM EDT( 3:27 PM PDT) today, stipulated all be applicable to project. The busines has propelled countless Falcon 9 projectiles in the past, but this time seems a bit different the rocket in this case has already been launched once before, and will now carry a warhead for commercial patron SES for its second go-around.

You can watch the whole thought unfold above live, starting with a webcast that should begin around 30 instants prior to the actual launch opening opening of 6:27 PM EDT( 3:27 PM PDT ). The opening for this launch provides two and a half hours from that quality, so it could actually happen subsequently depending on whether ailments andtechnical readiness. As of this writing, signeds are good, with the projectile upright and in place on Kennedys LC 39 A in Florida.

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