Why China is banning beards and veils in Xinjiang

( CNN) No long beards. No veils in public targets. No home-schooling.

The latest values — outlined in a expansive brand-new anti-extremism legislation — take effect Saturday and come on the ends of a series of steps to increase surveillance in the region that include the surrender of passports and mandatory GPS trackers in cars.

“They’re double-dealing down on security rights in Xinjiang, ” enunciated James Leibold, an associate professor at Australia’s Le Trobe University, whose experiment focuses on China’s Uyghur minority.

Advocating or propagating radical thinks

Wearing or impelling others to wear full-face clothes

Hyping up religion fanaticism through growing beards or choice identifies in an abnormal practice

Not granting youths to receive position education, interfering with position education;

Purposely interfering or mischief the implementation of family planning plans;

Publishing, downloading or reading articles, publishings and audio-video material containing radical content;

Rejecting or accepting position products and services that include radio and television programming.

Human titles group slams China’s crackdown