Adidas is ready to blow your mind with its latest 3D-printed sneaker

Futurecraft4D Product Hero Black

Image: Adidas

Adidas is using 3D reproducing to compose super run kickings of the future.

On Friday, the company unveiled Futurecraft 4D, its latest 3D-printed sneakers, attained possible through a partnership with Carbon a Silicon Valley-based tech company focused on inventive produce creation.

The 4D sneaker is part of the company’s efforts to create recital data-driven 3D-printed midsoles for shoppers based on individual paw scanning, which was announced back in Oct. 2015.

Futurecraft 4D sole.

Image: adidas

In a press release, Adidas explained that Futurecraft 4D’s midsole is “born out of 17 years of feeing data, ” and created with Digital Light Synthesis a super futuristic process that uses digital light-colored jutting and liquid resins( is shown ).

“With Digital Light Synthesis, we speculation beyond limitations of the past, opening a new era in designing and manufacturing, ” Eric Liedtke, the working group exec members of the security council for Adidas, explained in the release.

Futurecraft 4D sole.

Image: adidas

For now, Adidas plans to release three hundred pairs of Futurecraft 4D sneakers in April 2017 for “friends and family, ” and five thousand pairs for retailers in the Fall and Winter of 2017.

Though the company’s last-place 3D-printed shoes were limited publication, Adidas plans to create more than 100,000 pairs of Futurecraft 4Dsby the end of 2018, so here’s hoping you’ll be allowed to snag a pair.

To learn more about the partnership, check out the video below 😛 TAGEND

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