Security News This Week: Taser Bets Big on the Surveillance State

Well, we sent 59 Tomahawk tomahawk missile smack into a Syrian airbase this week. But other stuff happened too!

The week started off with some ingenious hacker tellings, including a backdoor that Russians have exercised for two decades, and an ATM hacker that just takes a drill hole and $15 merit of gear. And some particularly industrious intruders took over a Brazilian bank’s entire online footprint for a few hours. Spies got their own cool brand-new app that you can’t play with. Top-secret iOS spyware popped up on Android extremely. And drones are reacting mischievously again.

Then there’s the Trump news. Despite what you’ve heard, it’s perfectly normal for Susan Rice to have asked for “unmasking” in her previous gig as Barack Obama’s national certificate adviser. Devin Nunes stepped aside from the investigation he kept upending. And DHS and CBP picked a very stupid fighting against Twitter that they backed down from in less than a day.

And theres more. Each Saturday we round up the bulletin legends that we didnt break or cover in depth but that still deserve your attention. As ever, click on the headlines to predict the full legend in each attach affixed. And stay safe out there.

Taser Goes All-In on Software

This week, stun-gun companionship Taser got a brand-new call to wonder its brand-new focus. Axon, as itll now be known, will hand out free body cameras to police officer, plus a free one-year subscription to its online evidence-management platform, with an seeing to ratifying them up to hefty long-term contracts. Its not often one determines such a clear-cut Panopticonfor-profit situation as this, but thats 2017 for you.

Tizen OS Is Riddled With Security Holes

Android and iOS arent the only portable operating systems in town. Samsung has also made investing in Tizen, alternative solutions OS that capabilities everything from smart TVs to smartwatches. Oh, and its a certificate nightmare, according to a brand-new investigate. Researcher Amihai Neiderman says he found no fewer than 40 zero-day vulnerabilities in Tizen, implying dozens of possibilities employs that Samsung was previously unaware of. According to Neiderman, the mistakes also hint at Samsungs related inexperience with softwareone that could testify expensive to its purchasers, if it cant patch those holes.

A Common Wi-Fi Component Leaves Tons of Android Phones Disclosed

A Wi-Fi chipset from Broadcom that fills a seat at all kinds of Android( and iOS) inventions has a vulnerability that leaves those smartphones exposed to a full merger, according to study from Googles Project Zero team. Apple patched the glitch in iOS 10.3.1, and Android will volunteer the correct in this months certificate revise, but older inventions and newer ones whose informs lag could be easy prey to the attack for a while. Be safe!

GameStop Might Be the Latest Big Hack Victim

According to KrebsOnSecurity, video game retailer GameStop appears to have been compromised between last sink and this February. The corporation not mentioning exactly what information has been exposed, but it appears that charge card data at the very least has been pilfered. If youre a GameStop loyalist, check your statement for anything suspicious.

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