Top Republicans who opposed Syria attack under Obama are now praising Trump’s strike

( CNN) Many of the congressional Republican who are admiring President Donald Trump’s decision to strike a Syrian airfield were opposed to President Obama’s request to approve a similar activity against Syria in 2013.

Trump succession the launch of more than 50 tomahawk tomahawk missile on Thursday in retaliation for Syrian supervisor Bashar Al-Assad’s reported use of chemical weapons against his own parties. In August of 2013, after Assad employed chemical weapons in a similar scenario against parties in the Syrian municipality of Ghouta, Obama requested congressional permission to open air strikes against the Assad regime.

Many Republican resisted his entreaty. One of its most important was Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who on Friday tweeted out his support for Trump’s strike, writing, “This was a clear signal from America that Bashar al Assad can no longer use chemical weapons against his own parties with impunity.”