How one teen’s plea for free nuggets became one of the biggest tweets ever

16-year-old Carter Wilkersons tweet is catching up on Ellen DeGeneress Oscars selfie but still has a practice to go to get the 18 m retweets needed for free food

All Carter Wilkerson required was some free chicken pieces now he has one of the most retweeted tweets of all time.

Carter Wilkerson (@ carterjwm)


April 6, 2017

The 16 -year-olds request for a years furnish of chicken pieces from American fast food chain Wendys has been retweeted more than 2.2 m experiences stirring it the third most popular tweet of all time, and the most popular of 2017 so far.

To set this in position, Ellen DeGeneres currently deems the record for the most retweeted tweet ever. Her star-studded Oscars-night selfie has supported the record since 2014, with 3.4 m retweets. In second place is One Directions Louis Tomlinson with a tweet dedicated to bandmate Harry Styles that orchestrated 2.4 m retweets, beating Barack Obamas four more years tweet( 900,000+ retweets) from second place last year.

This is the internet, so we wouldnt rule out shenanigans just yet, but nugget-lover Wilkerson seems to be legitimate. He did not respond to the Guardians request for criticism, but “ve spoken to” USA Today last week. The adolescent from Nevada said the whole circumstance started as a joke.

Carter Wilkerson (@ carterjwm)

Next time I devour these they better be free @Wendys ZvxwpiLAeD

April 7, 2017

He enunciated: I sent out the tweet as a joke, but then they responded with the preposterous multitude.

I concluded Consider it done “wouldve been” entertaining among your best friend group. Then I lean the screenshot up and it started gaining momentum.

His father, J Wilkerson, told USA Today they had talked about perhaps bequeathing its first year furnish of pieces. He added: My partner and I think its great if it has a great reason other than dining chicken pieces for a year. It would be great to solve a life crisis. But also its nice to have some playful news.

But how did a random tweet from a teenage about pieces get so large-scale? The reaction lies with brands.

Wendys has become known on the internet for its flippant attitude on Twitter. In January, its uncorporate-like tweets were noticed by the press after it had a mini Twitter battle about fresh ingredients 😛 TAGEND

Katy Wellhousen (@ KatyWellhousen)

. @arb plz tell me you did this S21oFOZwXk

January 3, 2017

Wendys VP of pushing Brandon Rhoten told Mashable in January: The intent of the social media unit is to represent the brands spokesperson as best as they can.

When tribes remark, roast me, were going to have fun with that.

The Wendys social media unit, whose Twitter account has 1.61 m followers, feed with the whole circumstance, exposing the tweet to a wider gathering via Twitters mention tweet capacity 😛 TAGEND

Wendy’s (@ Wendys)

https :// XZ1AafXo2p

April 6, 2017

Wendy’s (@ Wendys)

1 Million ?!?! Officially SHOOK https :// XZ1AafXo2p

April 7, 2017

They likewise retweeted personalities whod endorsed #NuggsforCarter.

Sniffing an opportunity for easy-going pushing, other brands lined up to get involved, either tweeting their foundation 😛 TAGEND

Amazon (@ amazon)

Live the very best life, Carter. Follow your fantasies. #NuggsForCarter https :// PbHd9JMQjE

April 8, 2017

Microsoft (@ Microsoft)

We’re in. How about you, @Amazon and @Google? #NuggsForCarter https :// zi8FmD6Cf8

April 7, 2017

Or offering free trash 😛 TAGEND

John Legere (@ JohnLegere)

Hey @carterjwm, sorry you have @ATT. Switch to @TMobile& I’ll give you a year of free @Wendys chicken pieces myself+ more! Dangerously. https :// RmVygHPPob

April 8, 2017

Mattress Firm (@ MattressFirm)

Hey, @carterjwm! Hit 18 m and we’ve got your nutrient coma sleep backpack ready. You’re gonna need it. #NuggsForCarter cc: @Wendys https :// nwe3 9wFL0x

April 8, 2017

United (@ joined)

If you get the 18 million RTs, we’ll give you a free flight to take “youve got to” any @Wendys in “the worlds” in a town we provide. Good fluke! https :// igxnPg1JUF

April 8, 2017

And naturally, the whole circumstance has become the talk of Twitter.

memes (@ memetribute) jcVdp1lSsi

April 9, 2017

Whether Wilkerson will succeed in his quest is another matter. Twitter announces it has 313 m active monthly users. To contact 18 m retweets, he will have to be retweeted by about 5.7% of Titters active users.

What happens next? Well, Wendys has yet to responds beyond look emojis. They likewise did not respond to the Guardians request for criticism.

Theres likewise a strong likelihood he and a representative from Wendys( perhaps even the person who cast the 18 m tweet) will end up on Ellen DeGeneress show, which regularly peculiarity viral superstars. After all, Wilkersons tweet could well overtake DeGeneress record-breaker.

Carter Wilkerson (@ carterjwm)

@TheEllenShow I’m coming after you Ellen

April 7, 2017

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