Dude busts out hidden kung fu skills to fight snake that just wants to use internet

Dropkicking a snake was not able to everyone’s first program of justification, but to be fair: It works.

An oblivious purchaser at an internet cafe in the Wiset Chai Chan District of Ang Thong, Thailand had an unfortunate run in with a rat snake on the two attacks. In the excerpt, the shoeless humankind calmly strolls towards the front door of the cafe, and just as he opens it, a snake comes out of nowhere, and secures itself onto the man’s ass.

The man goes into full-blown freakout procedure, and impressively dropkicks the snake and another buster in the process.

Yes, maybe that dropkick gazes, uh, incidental , but incidental or not, it obviously gets the job done.

Naturally, this freaked out everyone in the cafe. Most parties instantly climbed to the chairs as the snake receded below a desk in the reces of the room.

Fortunately, most rat snakes are not poisonous, and use constriction to kill their prey. Regardless, the accident was pretty terrifying for someone with even a modest panic of snakes.

And sorry, snakelooks like you’re gonna have to find another way to check your email.

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