Ryan Phillippe’s tweets are a bittersweet symphony

Ryan Philzopher

Image: Getty Images for Gran Centenario Tequila

Despite rumors to the contrary, Ryan Phillippe is not dating Katy Perry, as confirmed by their feeling rollercoaster of a Twitter exchange. So, um, what is he up to? Is he dating anyone? I didn’t know what Ryan Phillippe did last-place summer, and unexpectedly, I detected an all depleting void.

Apparently, he’s been tweeting a great deal for the purposes of the mention Dr. Philz.

At first, it’s a great deal to take in.

But eventually, after some time in the rabbit opening, everything was beginning to make sense. Before I knew it, I originated softly singing Oasis to myself, “Maaaaybe you’re gonna be the one that saaaaves me.”

Ryan Phillippe is absolutely right. I do believe in the therapeutic power of residence renovation! He is not merely the virtuoso of the USA tv series Shooter , but a true Philzosopher.


I have to celebrate you, Ryan Phillippe. I have to praise you like I should.( Yes, I did look up the Cruel Intentions soundtrack on Spotify and yes, it still bangs .)

On the off occasion I’m wrong and Ryan Phillippe doesn’t have all the answers, at the least I know he’s not afraid to ask for help.


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