This Meme Sums Up The Absurdity Of April Perfectly

In the age of alternative information, Twitter trolls and the Trump disposal, it seems like a single week cannot pass without some odd conflict splashing across the headlines.

So when Pepsi debuted atone-deaf Kendall Jenner business, United Airline violently magnetisma passenger to voluntarily leave a plane and Sean Spicer claimed thatHitler never exercised chemical weapons, all within seven days, one clever comedian are determined to round up the weeks viral bulletin into the perfect meme.

Chris Melberger started the person or persons we can all jest at: Spicer as a United Airline aviator nursing a Pepsi.

It was like every day was a PR ordeal, Melberger told Time magazine.I certainly wanted to combine all three into this show of three tending topics on Calls mind in human form.

Melberger is no stranger to( slight) internet notoriety: The 26 -year-old is already Twitter verified and announces humor cartoons to YouTube.( Plus, he has a hat that replies Internet Famous , so it must be true .)

But his United-Spicer-Pepsi meme may merely be one of the most significant acts hes ever done. Some people are even announcing it the best meme of 2017, although were reluctant since, at this proportion, we can only imagine what nonsensical will happen next week.

Melbergers meme was so timely that a politics editor for Time hinted newspapers should start photoshopping memes instead of loping government cartoons.

People are also requesting that Melberger create weekly round-up memes, but he isnt sure thats possible.