Adventurer ignores ex-boyfriend’s warning and takes awesome solo global motorcycle journey

Canadian traveller and overall badass, Nikki Misurelli, “il take the” world motorcycle journey of a lifetime inspired by an ex-boyfriend’s warns that she “probably couldn’t handle” the trip.

30-year-old Misurelli, known as Alaska Moto Girl to her social media adherents, told The Independent that her now ex-boyfriend was scheduling a journey from Alaska to Argentina. When she asked if she could come along, he replied that is was a “guy’s trip” and that it “wouldve been” “too dangerous and intense” for her.

She wasn’t about to let one guy’s advising derail her escapade, so the couple immediately broke up and she took the journeying on her own.

According to The Telegraph , the first leg of Misurelli’s tour implied going through nine countries in six months and touring over 12,000 miles from her dwelling and Alaska to Panama in South America on her Honda CBR6 00 RR sport bike. After her age exploring the Americas, she finished a 5,500 journeying through Italy, Spain, France, Gibraltar, Portugal, Austria and Slovenia, and Morocco.

A lot of beings just assume Im rich, she said. But its absolutely no truth to the rumors. I have no house and just any self-possessions. I drew all my retirement coin and sold virtually all of my belongings. Its amazing how little we actually required in life. She works part-time between errands, carries the bare minimum, and sleeps wherever she can, including a highway tunnel in Italy.

Misurelli has no plans to stop her adventure any time soon. She said, “I do not have an accurate street, I leave it is accessible to spontaneous and random possibilities. Life and touring is not always fast, but I have discovered that it utters me physically and mentally stronger and I learn more about myself and other beings and cultures extremely. I hope to engender and cause other people to enjoy their life and are able to carry on their dreams!

She considers herself to be somewhat of an ambassador when it is necessary to causing girls to take hold of their lives and insure the world no matter what. She feelsthat traveling is something that the status of women “needs for herself, ” and if you demand something bad enough, you are able to make it happen.

Next on the orders of the day for Misurelli is reporting period effort somewhere in America or Australia, but hopes to be back on the road within six months, ideally in the Middle East or North Africa.

You can keep up with Moto Girl by following her on Facebook and Instagram.

Mashable has reached out to Misurelli for additional comment.

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