Americans are Googling World War 3 more now than ever before

Call it a signed of the times.

Googlesearches for” World War 3″ have spiked to a record high-pitched in the last few weeks. The largest tide went on April 7 when President Donald Trump said a missile strike on a Syrian airfield in response to its chemical weapons attack.

Google Trends

The search results, as illustrated by Google Trends, have remained abnormally high-pitched over the past few daytimes as tensions between the United States and other world-wide abilities continue to rise. The last-place spike for the search call followed the Paris terrorist attacks in November 2015. This month has nearly double-dealing that capacity and is now the most important one going back to 2003( the first time Google provides upshots ).

Google Trends

Breaking it down by country, Trinidad and Tobago accounts for the most World War 3 investigations over the past week, must be accompanied by Australia, Canada, the United States, and Puerto Rico. Interestingly, the United States and United kingdom government are the only two people showing interest for World War 3 upshots in the past 30 daytimes. Google shows the terms Syria and World War 3 is going to happen had more than a 1,000 percentage increase in hunting traffic over that period.

Other breakout words include Syria World War 3, conflict in Syria, Russia Syria, and combinations of those terms. Trump’s decided not to launch the first intentional U.S. military affect against the Syrian authority, an ally of Russia, has worsened closer relations between the Washington and Moscow, which may be at an all-time low-toned ,” the president saidon Wednesday.

Thursday’sbombing in Afghanistan is just starting to produce a major jump in traffic. The last incident once produced April’s total searches for Afghanistan bomb above any other month in the past year.

Google Trends

Perhaps the most eye-opening call is going to conflict, which reached its highest point of all time this month, practically doubling the second-highest amount in November 2015. The U.S. results in thenumber of searches for the call, must be accompanied by familiar companions the U.K ., Australia, and Canada.

We dont expect the fear of a originating conflict will die down anytime soon. President Trump announced on Wednesday that relations between the U.S. and Russia may be at an all hour low-toned. He also said China needs to deal with North Korea or the U.S. will.


While there are a number of factors to consider when reading these numberslike the amount hunting traffic has increased over the yearsits clear the deteriorating closer relations between the U.S. and others has increased frights of a third world war to stages we haven’t seen in over a decade.

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