5 Parts Of Small Town Life That We Swear To God Are Real

Last week I was on a pretty well-received double podcast, talking about what it’s like growing up in a small town. Like most small town narrations, the longer we talked, the weirder it went … and even after the recording, I realized that these areas have a lot more strange characteristics that sound like the goddamn Twilight Zone to people who have never lived here. No, seriously.


Given Enough Time, You Will Be On The Front Page Of The Newspaper

I feel sorry for small town newspaper reporters. Every once in a great while, something odious happens and provides them with an easy-going patch of the information contained for the working day. Like maybe the mayor gets busted for his third DUI and a brick of gras, or a coach gets arrested for masturbating in his vehicle at a stoplight. Well, I read “maybe, ” but both of those stuffs genuinely happened in the town I grew up in. The point is, we get at most three or four of those types of narrations per year. The other 361 eras are pure filler.

When you’re elongating for material, anything becomes information. The prom queen doesn’t simply determine the front page … she is the front page. The whole front page. The same concept happens for the homecoming queen. This is going to sound like a joke, but when I was a kid, I was on the front page of the newspaper because I encountered a big sprout. My friend manufactured the front page for catching a big fish. My father was on it for ripening a huge tomato … four times .

Here’s a photo of my local newspaper. These beings are on the front page because they’re emptying cartons for a donation. It takes up half of the front page 😛 TAGEND

It’s actually harder to find someone who hasn’t been on the front page of the newspaper, than to acquisition people who have. When you take away the “front page” modifier and simply talk about being in the newspaper as a whole, virtually everyone spawns that roll. Because in every small town newspaper I’ve ever seen, there is a division to be given to offenses. And when I read “crimes, ” I represent all offenses, from meth labs to jaywalking. If you get a ticket for driving 40 mph in a 30 mph zone, you’re in the next day’s paper.

I lived in Los Angeles for a couple of years back in the late 90 s, and when I told my new friends about this, they called bullshit. I had to have one of my hometown friends mail me one of their newspapers so I didn’t look insane.

But it disappears even further. Are you getting married? You’re taking up half of page three with your advertisement. You started a small business? There will be an part article about it on page two. In the town I currently live in, I haven’t told many beings what I do for a living because they’d consider that a word of “celebrity” and there would be a spread on me within eras. That’s not paranoia — there are regions of our newspaper devoted to an old woman who reports her epoch. As in, “My grandson came over today. He ate beans and hotdogs for lunch. We did some gardening. Earl fixed my spray heater, and alleged I shouldn’t requirement a new one for a couple of years.”

Again , not a joke. That’s absolutely real.

If your local school triumphs a boasts championship, that’s unquestionably going to determine the front page of the newspaper, but I saved that lesson because that one will be even weirder…


Sports Victories Go On The Town’s Sign Forever

Drive through the South and Midwest long enough, and you’ll start to see clues like 😛 TAGEND

BONERTOPOLIS: Population 872 — 1996 Girls’ Jr. High Volleyball Regional Champions

The town’s name is clearly made up( though when I finally build my own city, that’s what I’m calling it ), but the rest of that information is not. If your local boasts squads — and by that, I represent junior high and high school — triumphs any sort of championship, your town will statu you by putting that information on the road signaling. And that shit abides there perpetually .

Your town becomes known for that, even if the championship was 30 years ago. My original hometown had earned four mood championships: two in the 1970 s and two more in the 1980 s. For each year, a picture of the team was blown up to 10 feet wide and hung side by side on the gymnasium’s wall. Those four, massive, black-and-white photos tower over everyone while we played dodge ball in PE. Adjudicating us. Criticizing us.

TerryJ/ iStock
Except Tony. That chap was a fucking prodigy .

Remember the appearance Married … With Children ? Al Bundy was a former high school football star, and in several incidents, he’s analyse like a god by some old friends who recollect the big game. Everyone else kind of wheels their sees at his old “glory days” narrations, but there are a handful of people who still worshipped him. Take that small group and expand it to the whole city, and that’s what Midwestern and Southern small town are like.

The difference between real small-town boasts protagonists and Al Bundy is that if you take advantage of that minor stardom, you can make a very good living from it. I know several the members of such age-old squads who exercised their words as marketing and started very successful professions. When everybody in city knows your refer, advertising your business is barely necessary.

vm/ iStock
GET that shit out of my FACE, lad! This is MY house !

Remember the high school basketball hero from Parks And Recreation ? In a small town, that chap isn’t incisive. He’s absolutely real.


You Can Estimate Someone’s Wealth By Their Truck’s Tires

I mentioned earlier that I once lived in Los Angeles. I actually lived in quite a few big cities before resolving down in my current small town. One concept I always encountered spooky was that in a city, you can easily tell someone’s asset by what the hell is drive … but it’s not how you think. Plainly, if anyone owns a Porsche or Ferrari, they’re either rich or a GTA character. It disappears a little bit further than that, though.

Both middle-class and rich people can yield a mid-range sports car like a Mustang or a Charger. But rich people will typically have 1) the floored out explanation, and 2) theirs is likely to be cleaner. Not simply because they can afford to have it cleaned more often, but because they are much more likely to own a garage, so fowls aren’t shitting on it all day. Plainly, all of that is a awfully loose the principles of the rule of digit, but you get where I’m going with it.

ewastudio/ iStock
Definitely under $40 k a year .

Yes, we do have luxury and sports cars now, but everyone often knows, “Damn, that’s a sugared Mercedes. Oh, yeah, that’s the doctor’s car.” In a small town, especially in the Midwest and South, the majority of members of vehicles are trucks. And though “luxury” trucks do exist, you won’t find many now, because trucks are used for operate and practicality. So the majority of members of the traffic is Silverados, F150s, and Rams. Each with a bigass hound in the bed. At this point, I’m pretty sure the dogs come with the trucks, whether you miss one or not.

So here’s my point: Since all of the trucks basically search the same, and most of them “re in the same” general premium wander, the only method to tell someone’s financial status is to look at the tires. If you realise a jacked-up truck with a huge raise equipment( those develop it up, kind of like a beings truck) and massive tires, you know the person makes a jolly damn good living. Or at the least their parents do.

That’s because those bigass tires can expense a duo thousand dollars for a create. No, seriously, here’s one type of “muddin'” tire for $550 each . That’s not counting the rims. Add in a fancy create of those, and you can easily double that premium. That lift equipment I mentioned? Tacking on another $1400. Miss a badass exhaust system? Here’s another $1500. “Theres” 18 -year-old children in my city who have more coin wrapped up in tires and supplementaries than I do in my part vehicle. But because we all dress basically the same way in this field( jeans, t-shirts, baseball hats ), the only method you’d ever know they had coin is by seeing that truck.


Guidances Are … Weird

I mentioned on that bigass podcast that throwing tendencies in a small town is pretty weird for people who’ve never lived in one. Since everyone knows everyone else( even if they don’t know you, they’re very well known you ), tendencies often boil down to, “You know where Chad Nickelback lives, right? I’m right across the street from him.”

Even if you don’t know the exact being, you know the place by the narrations associated with them 😛 TAGEND

“You know James Countryfuck, right? ”

“Hmmmmm … I don’t think so.”

“Yeah, ya do. He’s went that bigass Rottweiler that killed Susan Thunderfist’s cat back in October. The big light-green house that had the shell back in 2010? ”

“OOOOOHHHH, yeah, I know the place.”

I don’t think that’s all that outraging to people who live in metropolitans, though. I represent, we’ve visualized movies with stuff like that in their own homes. What I find really spooky is the fact that we often give directions in its relationship with where stuffs USED to be. As in, “You know where the Dairy Queen used to be? It’s two chunks down from there.”

There are two reasons for that. The first is that businesses often emerge and disappear in a matter of years. Fast-food eateries tend to stick around, but local momma and daddy storages go out of business lightning tight. Any business that fastens around long enough to commit to storage was becoming landmark. Then when that landmark disappears, the only method you know to describe it is in relation to what it used to be. “Remember the age-old dildo plant that’s now a religiou? My house is down that road.”

The second reason is peculiarly because of the 911 method. That didn’t make its method into a lot of rural areas until the mid 1980 s. Before that, all of the many, many grease and gravel streets were not stigmatized or identified. If you called the police or fire department or simply leaved tendencies to a sidekick, it was done in that same method, simply to get them to the road that leads to your house . The streets in city were identified, undoubtedly, but a large part of the town’s residents lived in the country.

Once the 911 method was applied, the roads had to be identified in order to give better( actual) tendencies. Otherwise, half of emergency situations calls would be, “OK , now you’re gonna switch off of the street where Benny Farmshovel’s age-old cattle farm used to be. Then you’re gonna drive about six miles until you realise the age-old waste yard.” We simply never went over that approach of throwing tendencies, so we still do it.


The “Friendliness” Can Get Imposing And Outright Creepy

Let me tell you a storey about a high-school kid who got a dildo stuck in his ass.

The story disappears that a chap I went to high school with bought a dildo for his girlfriend. She told him she wouldn’t utilization it until he did. So “hes taking” one for the team and used it. All of it. And then some. After a awfully expansive effort to remove it himself, he realized it wasn’t going to come out without some medical help. So he drove himself to the emergency room, had it removed, and no one is spoke of it again.

Until four minutes later when every single person on the hospital faculty spoke of it again. And again. And again. They went home and told their spouses. Their spouses told their friends. Their sidekicks told everyone at every disallow. Eventually, everybody in city knew about it — and when I read “eventually, ” I represent “by sundown.”

In a small town, you are not anonymous. If you’ve ever sold so much as a single joint, everyone to believe you as “the drug dealer.” If you’re a teenage girlfriend who bought a pregnancy test, you are now “the high school slut, ” even if you’ve simply had sexuality once. It doesn’t even matter if your storey is “juicy” or not. One of your best friend went to the only proper diner in city and had a salad. The next day, one of his coaches asked him if he was on a food. Because she knew the attendant, and somewhere in the middle of bullshit small talk, his refer came up, and the attendant mentioned this is the only way dictated a salad.

But, hey, maybe you don’t used to go that is something that. Perhaps you don’t have a “thing” for them to label you as. You’re not the “child molester” or “7am mowing guy.” You simply preserve to yourself and simply go out of the house when you have to. Yeah , now you’re the most famous person in city, because no one knows anything about you. You’re mysterious. You’re “the creepy guy who never comes out of his house.”

Have you ever seen Gilmore Girls ? The method their fellow citizens of that city operate is method a little bit closer to actuality than parody.

It’s not just gossip, though. Since you often simply have one or two grocery store, you end up on a first-name basis with every cashier. Buying food was becoming social event … which may sound nice at first, until you’re standing in line, waiting to pay for your ice cream, and the four beings in front of you all start the talks with the girl behind the counter.

“Hi, Nancy! How are the kids? ”

“Oh, they’re get huuuuuge! Jason is in football this year. And last week, you won’t belief what he did at the family reunion. You know how my uncle Barry only has one leg, right? Well, Jason was play-wrestling with him like they do, and…”

Every. Single. Customer. They still keep talking, even after they’ve paid. If you interrupt them, you’re the asshole, because they were just being affectionate. You’re the impatient dickhead who can’t wait two additional minutes for them to wrap up their discussion. By the time you get to the front of the line, you’re not buying ice cream, you’re buying a bad milkshake.

Don’t are wrong — I cherish it now. It’s quiet and simple-minded. It’s loosening. But to your best friend who live in big metropolitans, it’s the fucking Twilight Zone . Still, I cherish the look on their faces when they have to have an emergency dildo removal while they’re see, and the cashier queries them about it the next day. It’s why I live here.

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