The United Airlines Passenger Was Compared To Rosa Parks And People Are Pissed

David Dao, a United Airlines passenger who was forcefully dragged off an aircraft on Sunday, has been compared to Civil Freedom icon Rosa Parks.

Not everyone is particularly pleased with that comparison.

Dao was on a United flight at Chicago OHareInternational Airport when the gang asked about to give up his seat, for which he had paid.

Originally, it was believed the flight was overbooked, but developing details discovered it actually was not. The plane justhad no more empty-bellied benches for United crew members to travel, so several compensating clients were asked to leave.

Dao refused to leave his seat. Eventually, United announced in law enforcement officials, who violently dragged Dao off the plane, leaving him bloodied.

Shockingvideos of the incident quickly croaked viral, leaving United to defend and apologize.

Daos attorneyshad a press conference, alongside his daughter, on Thursday to discuss the case.

They said he will likely sue United for the damages he suffered.

In the course of the forcible removal, Dao received a joltand abroken nose. He also lost two front teeth. Hes out of research hospitals, but planning to get reconstructive surgery.

During the press conference, Daos lawyer, Thomas Demetrio, said his client had been compared to Rosa Parks.

Demetrio said he does not trust the brutality against Dao, who is Vietnamese, was racially motivated.

But, he remarked, he had gotten an emailsaying that Dao was like an Asian form of Rosa Parks.

Demetrio alsosaid,

He said that he left Vietnam in 1975 when Saigon descended and he was on a boat and he said he was terrified.

He said that being dragged down the alley was more horrifying and harrowing than what he suffered when leaving Vietnam.

In fact, some people had already constructed thecomparison of United passenger Dao to Parks.

As envisioned on the internet.

In case you dont remember, Parks was the woman who refused to leave her seat at the breast of a bus during the course of its Civil Rights Era.

But not everybody agrees with that comparison.

Many beings took edition with a tweet from USA Today posing the issues to if Dao was like Rosa Parks.

The USA Today tweet, which has since been deleted, was not suggesting that, but was simply linking to their coverage of the lawyers observes, but its direction more entertaining to be reactionary and rail against the media, I guess.

It is a fairly revolutionary comparison to acquire, since Parks was such a vital part in the history of the Civil Rights Movement.

In case you do need a assignment on why its inappropriate to acquire that likenes, Urana McCauley, Parkss niece, spelled it out for TMZ.

While she remarked what happened to Dao was definitely bad anddefinitely a mistreatment of him, she added,

What Dr. Dao was going to dowas probably change the implementation of policies of United Airlines, but actually what my aunt did was change history.

United has since rationalized again.

This horrible situation has provided a cruel learning process from which we will take immediate, concrete steps, United remarked. We have committed to our both consumers and our employees that we are going to fix whats broken so this never happens again.

This is an ongoing case.

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