Galaxy S8 owners are complaining of red-tinted screens

Samsung Galaxy S8 .

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Looks like Samsung’s not out of the woods quite yet.

After the explosive Note7 debacle of 2016, the newest Samsung phones have a lot to make up for. Regrettably, early Galaxy S8 useds have already noticed a shortcoming in the invention: the screens appear to have a blood-red gradation to them.

According to ZDNet , since Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S8 designs at a March event, the company has sent several phones to clients in South Korea, who were able to pre-order about a week ago.

The early owneds noticed something a little offsome of their screens had a blood-red/ pinkish hue to them. Customers posted photos to social media websites and held discussions on the Korean forum, PPOMPPU, to figure out what was up with the altered phone flaunt. Harmonizing to ZDNet , on Tuesday, “Galaxy S8 Red Screen” was a trending rummage topic on South Korea’s largest search engine, Naver.

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While we can all agree a tinted screen is nowhere near as dramatic( or dangerous) as a phone literally exploding, Samsung is actually not in a position to be annoying its clients. Fortunately, the company responds their own problems can be fixed manually.

Samsung liberated the following statement to ZDNet :

“All Samsung phones experience thorough researching to fill our high level of quality standards. The Infinity Display on the Galaxy S8 and S8+ has applied Super AMOLED and provides rich and expressive pigments, enabling users to experience a clearer and more evocative regard ordeal. The Galaxy S8 was built with an adaptive flaunt that optimizes the dye reach, saturation, and sharpness is dependent on the environment.”

According to the company, to manually tie the screen dye, owneds can call the Settings page and going to see Display> Screen Mode> Color equilibrium . This allows the color range of the device’s display to be changed.

Phew, that was a close one.

Mashable has reached out to Samsung for additional criticism .

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