I tried to join an Instagram pod and it was like something out of ‘Mean Girls’

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When I left high school in 2006, I envisioned I’d kissed goodbye to the days of not represent one of the cool kids. But, 11 times on, I’m back to detecting like the class loser. And it’s all thanks to Instagram “pods”.

An Insta pod is a secret group of bloggers who join forces in group sends in order to like and comment on each others posts and gain more date on Instagram. It’s been compared to “a family of dolphins who live together in harmony and substantiate one another…like a group of cheerleaders who facilitate one another on Instagram”.

I’m an avid Instagrammer who’s thirsty for likes and commentaries as much as the next person. The thought of a happy Insta love-in clanged like a dream-come-true. So, I tried to join one. And, it could not ought to have significantly from what I expected. An good impression in theory, but, to be implemented, it feels like a remorseless popularity struggle straight out of Mean Girls .

Pods firstly became a occasion after Instagram changed its algorithm, much to the mortification of bloggers.

Image: vicky leta/ mashable

Before I embarked on my journeying to find love and likes on Instagram, I clued up on a few of the basics. I learned that cod have a maximum capacity of fifteen representatives due to Instagram’s group message limitations. Some cod can have 50+ representatives if the messaging takes place on Kik or WhatsApp. Once you’re part of a pod, you have to abide by a set of rules, which can be lax or strict depending on the nature of the pod.

My pod journey

When you’re trying to join a top-secret group, it’s moderately hard to know where to begin. I trawled Twitter to see if anyone was looking for pod buddies. And, to my rejoice, there were values of apparently affectionate bloggers.

“Hurrah! I’ve met it! ” I said to myself. I spoke too soon. Way, channel too soon. I shelled off endless “me please! ” tweets to bloggers asking to join their cod. My applications were met with stillnes. It was brutal.

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As I communicated more and more tweets, I began to question myself. Was my tweet more keen? Do I not have enough partisans? Am I not refrigerate fairly? What’s inaccurate with me?

The first response a rejection slash like a pierce. I couldn’t sit with the cool kids at the back of the bus because “it’s full, sorry”.


I continued, switching out the exclaiming brand for a more low-key full-stop. But, I was still rejected on the grounds that “all the cod are full.”

I was close to giving up, when I finally got an Instagram notification.

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The love fest inaugurated instantly. I gained two new partisans and they both inaugurated furiously liking and commenting on my recently completed posts.

“Loving your hairstyle, ” wrote one of my new partisans. “So delightful, ” wrote another.

The likes and commentaries kept seeing. So I reciprocated. But, when I tried to send a photo to my pod, I couldn’t find my own group in my roll of contacts. I had already been ejected without any warning. Brutal.

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Clearly not cool fairly for the world of Insta cod. I messaged my friend and colleague Brian Wong who took tendernes on me and contributed me to one of his cod.

“Alright so my cod are fairly strict lol, ” he told me, explaining that I would have to explain that I’m experimenting an commodity. I acquired his terms and was added to the pod. I wrote a speedy foreword and touch cast before proofreading it. Big blunder.

“Hey! Thanks for letting me into your pod! I’m doing some study on cod for specific features on IG pods! So far it’s been pretty remorseless! I’ve been rejected endless meters, ” I wrote.

As I re-read my letter, I grovelled. I clanged like a loser. I messaged Brian to see what he thought…

Image: rachel thompson/ mashable

They turned out to be a moderately forgiving knot. Suddenly I was a part of the pod world-wide.

Brian and my fellow pod buddies communicated photos that they’d recently published and we all scurried to hastily like and observe. I experienced a rush as the notifications ran spate in. I was gaining new partisans left, right and centre.

Finally, I’m one of the cool kids.

But, for how long, who knows? Excellent only loved it while it lasts.

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