People Are Pissed At Katy Perry Over This Photo She Posted On Instagram

If youve assured Katy Perrys figure veering this morning, its unfortunately not because she descent a brand-new carol or music video.

The Chained to the Rhythm singer is concluding headlines for a controversial photo she posted on InstagramWednesday evening.

Katy Perry included an image of an Hindugoddess with the caption, current attitude. According to the Instagram comments, it looks like manypeople are disrupt over her callous post.

Many of the users alleged Katy Perry of disrespecting the goddess Kali( who is considered a gues shield by Hindus) and upsetting the Indian people.

People affixed comments telling the 32 -year-old she had no right to drag the belief and use the goddess as a way to express her emotions.

People just said Katy Perry should know the meaning of that painting first before using it as a meme. Other consumers were disorient why she didnt remove the upright after receiving backlash.

There were, however, some people who defended the singer. Some consumers suggested Katy Perry was really consuming the picture to express her attitude she wasnt intentionally trying to offense the religion.

But overall, it was clear everyone was segmented and at war over the controversial photo.

Katy Perry has not responded to the comments on her painting. Afterwards that day, she affixed a series of photoson Instagram from her Easter party.

She captioned the portraits,

Almost perfectly present thanks to the clever @katyperrycollections Easter recovery party on Sunday. We juiced up and reflexology-ed our way into some v QT bunny swamps and more! @ronyalwin

It looks like Katy might need to be a little more scrupulous with her Instagram photos if she wants to avoid assessment in the future. But, to be frank, it looks like this girlfriend only doesnt give a fuck.

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