Let’s remember the time Prince kicked Kim Kardashian off his stage


Dearly beloved, were gathered here today to look back on Princes life, since his tragic and untimely extinction one year ago. In its consideration of his job, we zoom in on one of Monarch immense succes. Thats right: That one time he kicked Kim Kardashianoff the stage.

Sitting front sequence at the Feb. 7,2011, at Madison Square Garden show, Kardashian was an -Alist celebrity at the time. Prince, low-key eyewitnes of pop culture, knew Kardashian was a big deal–just not a big lot to him.


After the tricky Kardashian depicted herself worthless to him onstage, Prince told her to, get by the stage to much applause.


The audacity. What can we discover here? Uttered the unrestrained popularity of this time, dusted off and trending all over the web to celebrate the remembrance of his death, it’s clear that parties enjoy appreciating celebs smacked off their high horses. And also that we adoration and miss Prince so much it hurts.

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