Four ‘Avatar’ sequels are coming, with the first coming in 2020

Look! Parties who are ostensibly working on’ Avatar’ sequels !

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There are now four meant sequels to James Cameron’s Avatar in the works, with the first of those slated to arrive on Dec. 18, 2020.

A brand-new announce on the official Avatar Facebook page corroborates the release-date report , noting further that yield is underway. It also offers up the following schedule for each of the subsequent plotted handouts, the last of which will be out in 2025.

Don’t ink your schedule just yet, events could change. For anyone following Avatar ‘s progress toward a sequel over the years, it’s fast to see this latest report as yet another empty promise. There have been so many, after all.

The 2009 blockbuster which performed Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, Sigourney Weaver, and Stephen Lang was a huge success, picking up close to$ 3 billion in ticket marketings worldwide. Predictably, it didn’t make long for sequel talk to spring up.

First going all the way back to 2010 there were going to be two sequels, arriving in 2014 and 2015. Then three. Avatar 2 eventually worsened to a unclear 2015 exhaust. The more season that progressed, the little specific Fox’s sequel proposes seems to get.

The studio publicly punched reset on Avatar ‘s future in 2014 when it announced three follow-ups, to arrive in 2016, 2017, and 2018. One year later, more adjournments; now, Avatar 2 would be coming in 2017 instead. A year after that: Cameron demonstrated at CinemaCon 2016 it would actually be four sequels, launching in 2018, 2020, 2022, and 2023.

That’s only the broad masses of the timeline. And now we have this latest notice, from a Facebook post on April 22. The investigate any Avatar love is liberty to ask at this part: why should we imagine any of this?

It’s a fair act to wonder. Delays aren’t exactly extraordinary in Hollywood, but Avatar has been shuffled around to a laughable magnitude since 2009. Especially for a movie with $2.8 billion in ticket sales.

If you’re looking for any shred of testify to hang your hopes on, there’s at the least some good report. Fox has been slowly, quietly ramping up efforts to resurrect those who are interested in Avatar over the past pair years.

While Cameron himself has never stopped talking about the movies maybe because no one will stop inviting Fox mustered a multi-platform social media launch in 2015. The supposed hope was to remind people of Avatar ‘s live and insert them to its alien world-wide of Pandora.

A similar job is underway at Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom. A brand-new, Pandora-inspired section of the theme park was discovered in late 2016 and is expected to open this summer.

Also brand-new for 2017: a comic book from Dark Horse and the notice of an upcoming video game no exhaust date from the same Ubisoft team that uttered The Division .

It’s still hard to trust this new production timeline, given all the fraudulent starts. But Fox likely emboldened by Disney’s successes with Marvel and Star Wars is clearly are used in opening Avatar another shot.

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