Trump tweets Mexico will ‘eventually,’ ‘at a later date,’ pay for the border wall ‘in some form’

Just should be considered it. But not too hard .

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Well, this clears everything up.

On Sunday, Donald Trump unveiled a lengthy, well-considered border protection plan.

Oops, sorry, I necessitate a few disorient tweets.

So Trump is upset Democrat won’t fund his border wall … although there are Mexico will pay for iteventually, at a later date, in some constitute?

Truly, this will assuage were afraid that taxpayers will be on the hook for the $21.6 billion border wall( according to estimates from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security ), especially after the former president of Mexico said the country was “not going to pay for that fucking wall.”

The people of the internet were less than confident Trump has everything under control.

Maybe Trump is trying to confound his enemies with unorthodox grammar.

So, why the abrupt stres over the wall? Trump has threatened to not sign any spend invoice that doesn’t include funding for the wallsomething that could result in a government shutdown this week.

Seeing as even foremost Republicansincluding the second most powerful Republican in the Senate, John Cornynhave conveyed doubts over the wall, the Trump camp has its cultivate cut out for it.

Overall, Trump’s hoping there’s nothing a bit wishful thinking can’t do.

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