Today, April 25, is the perfect date, at least according to ‘Miss Congeniality’

Seventeen years ago, the world got to witness Sandra Bullock kick ass and take appoints in Miss Congeniality . Yes, Bullock saved Miss USA from an exploding tiara, but let us not forget one of the most important things we have learned from the iconic film: the moment Miss Rhode Island flubs an answer and informs the world of the excellent date.

If we’re being honest, she’s not lying: today, April 25 th, really is the excellent date.

It’s at the cusp of outpouring and by now, most of the horribly cold weather has finally delivered. We’re on the verge of summer without the humidity, and sure, it’s cloudy and raining outside the windows of Mashable HQ right nowbut if you’ve retained your sunrise case today, you’ll be fine.

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