Gay Tumblr: 9 Blogs You Should Be Following Right Now

You know the age-old saying: Tumblr runs from kittens to porn in three seconds. This maintains especially true when were talking about the dashboards of gay subjects. Yes, we like the charming and the cuddly. But Tumblr has also risen to be a not-so-underground hub for porn and thirst nets of some reasonably sizzling men.

Of course, our experiences are even more varied than that. Everything from gaymers to comics to pop culture venerate light up our likes and freshen our reblog posts into a working of what draws up our culture. Although theres an innumerable extent of them out there, heres a scratch at the surface area of best available lesbian Tumblrs.

The better of lesbian Tumblr

1) popculturediedin2 009

Where else are you going to be sanctified enough to see a picture of Lindsay Lohans grandmother covering shoulders with the Easter bunny? Yes, this blog is run by an anonymous lesbian teenage who knows what all nostalgia-sick millennials know: Pop culture hasnt been topped since the year Miley Cyrus organized an ice cream go-cart to pole dance to Party In the USA at the Teen Choice Awards.

Here youll find a treasure trove of tabloid scum that documented the perils of 2007 Britney, spilt verse and pics from Lindsays BlackBerry, and of course abundance of paparazzi sounds that the Beckhams and Olsens likely want us to forget.

Screengrab via PopCultureDiedIn2 009/ Tumblr

2) lgbtwebcomics

If youve ever chose there was an old-school publication newspaper with a comics section thats altogether LGBTQ, then this Tumblr is your mecca. LGBT Webcomics often compiles tons of animated divests throughout the Tumblrsphere into one lieu. The works range from heartwarming coming-out fibs to zombie holocausts. The icing on the cake, which has to be emblazoned with the blogs rainbow “cat-o-nine-tail” logo, is that this Tumblr labels its works into a full spectrum of subjects and distinguishings: Poly, Pan, Trans-Nonbinary, etc.

https :// announce/ 15995259634 6/ moosopp-art-i-just-think-of-boba-all-day

3) michaelandluigi

Michael& Luigi have a lot going for them when it comes to covering countless foundations of appeal for gay subjects. Theyre gaymers. Theyre potent cosplayers. Theyre altogether #vers. Theyve likewise got a YouTube channel. And theyre a happily married DILF couple. So, even if you arent as psyched about that unexpected Suicide Squad Oscar win as they are, their fury for wreaking video game and comic book personas to life is infectious.

Screengrab via MichaelAndLuigi/ Tumblr

4) ivanv

Its no secret that RuPauls Drag Race is experiencing being at the top of its competition with its ninth season. That cheerleading defy! The celebrity guests! The culture narration that tackles serious issues that actually draws us should be considered our community! Gaga!

So, naturally, you need to send GIFs from current realities drag queen competition to your friends when shade should still be thrown in response to them not being down to go to your favorite local lesbian bar for a contemplating gathering. This blog likewise doubles as a Christina Aguilera altar more, but maintain that GIF set of Trinity Taylor successfully lip-syncing for her life to Britneys I Wanna Go on repeat.

http :// announce/ 15977150323 0

5) clinicallymoi

Were “re going through” rough times. Were living in a world-wide where young, gay public figure like Colton Haynes, Gus Kenworthy, and Tom Daly beautifully come out exclusively to have our hopes and daydreams crushed by being grasped up into serious liaisons. We dont stand a chance.

But we need to get our #relationshipgoals from somewhere and maintain our middles heated. So, Clinically Moi restrains together fierce sounds and GIFs of lesbian pairs from story, photoshoots, and IRL.

Screengrab via Clinically Moi/ Tumblr


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