Instagram has hit another major milestone

Image: lili sams/ mashable

It’s simply a matter of duration until Instagram participates Facebook’s billion-user club.

The company announced Wednesday the photo sharing app has reached 700 million monthly active users, up from 600 million in December.

Though the Facebook-owned app has been steadily growing in recent years, the company recognitions the most recent raise to its improved sign-up process, its initially controversial feed changes, and efforts to reach new users around the world.

Unlike WhatsApp, Messenger and the primary Facebook app, Instagram hasn’t had a standalone event optimized specifically for developing markets. However, it recently originated experimenting an offline explanation for Android.

The recent raise comes on the ends of the app’s biggest year yet

The recent raise comes on the ends of the app’s biggest year yet. Its Floor piece is proliferating faster than all of Snapchat, and the app has more advertisers than ever with no slowdown in sight.

Instagram notes that its recent stats are the fastest jump yet for the nearly 7-year-old app. International growth likely details for much of the rise the company previously read the majority of its users are now situated outside the U.S.

Combine that with new initiatives like a more personalized( predict: algorithmic) feed and new peculiarities like offline functionality, and it’s not surprising the formerly bandwidth-intensive app is proliferating like never before.

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