Trump’s executive order sparks panic that national monuments may lose protection

A new executive guild from President Donald Trumpplans to place over two dozen national monumentsunder review, means that millions of acres of land protected by the federal government could be given back to states based on the administration’s decision.

The executive order, which President Trump plans to sign on Wednesday, will review national headstones that have been was announced by past chairwomen, fromPresident Clinton’s Staircase-Escalante National Monument in 1996 to President Obama’s Bears Ears National Monument, proclaimed in 2016. Approximately 30 headstones will be reviewed.

Bears Ears in Utahisa particularly controversial gravestone that the Trump administration may target due to its particularly large size( 1.3 million acres) and Republican criticism that reputation it a monument was a desecration of the Antiquities Acts by Obama.

The area is a major Native American tribal access moment for meeting weeds and firewood for ceremonies, according to the US Forest Service, and the monument’s rock cliffs hold sacred price to local Native American tribes.

Yet Trump think this is targeting that gravestone more than anything else.While the executive heads guild will ask for a report by Secretary of InteriorRyan Zinke within 120 dates, the guild would ask for a specific report seeing Bears Ears within 45 days.

President Trump is not planning to take any official war until Secretary Zinke records a report, but Zinke warning that Trump may be able to amend a monument’s status as he so opts. Entirely negating a gravestone, meanwhile, is uncertain. This means that Trump can strip apart some ofBears Ears’ acres, but it may not be possible for Trump to cancel Bears Ears’ national gravestone status.

” There’s no doubt the president has the authority to amend a gravestone ,” Zinke stated during his confirmation hearing.” It will be interesting to see whether the president has the authority to nullify a gravestone. Legally, it’s untested. I would think that the president would rescind a gravestone, it would be challenged and then the court would determine whether or not the legal framework enables it or not .”

Previously, OUT and NewNowNext warned that the executive heads guild could lead to the Stonewall Inn losing its national gravestone status for its rolein LGBTQ liberties history. However, USA Today reports thatthe review merely affects national headstones with 100,000 acres or more, means that Stonewall won’t be affected by the review. That said, Trump’s wars after the review could set a precedent for removal of smaller headstones, such as Stonewall.

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Update 12:15 pm CT, April 26: As expected, Trump ratified qn ministerial guild seeking the Secretary of the Interior to review dozens of national headstones said federally shielded districts by his predecessors.

Signing the executive heads guild at the Department of the Interior, Trump praised” a massive federal acre grab” by previous the chairmen and said the executive guild would discontinue” another egregious corruption of federal influence” that would be given” back to the states and to the people where it belongs ,” in agreement with the Chicago Tribune.

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