Pranksters flood Trumps illegal alien crime hotline with warnings of UFO sightings

President Donald Trumps brand-new illegal alien misdemeanour hotline is being overloaded by scam asks from trolls who are reporting crimes committed by seat aliens.

The Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement( VOICE) hotline, which was dictated by Trump in January, is run by Immigration and Customs Enforcement( ICE) busines for the purposes of the Department of Homeland Security and was launched on Wednesday. The aim of the service, according to the government, is to serve the needs of crime victims and their families who have been impacted by crimes committed by removable criminal aliens.

Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly said that victims of such misdemeanour were too often ignored.

They are fatalities of crimes that should never have taken place because the people who cheated them often era should not have been in the two countries in the first place, he told reporters at the launch.

Human freedoms group reacted by honestly blamed the administration for stigmatizing both law and undocumented immigrants citing research that presents high rates of immigration are associated with lower frequencies of violent crimes and property crime.

Online, nonetheless, other kinds of affirm started as caller started reporting criminal activity of the extra-terrestrial kind.




Hijacking the hashtag # AlienDay, which was already trending in relation to the iconic sci-fi cruelty franchise, parole spread quickly.


By Wednesday night Twitter useds began to report long wait times, as the brand-new hotline was inundated with prank callers. The action of an ICE official been suggested that the service was significantly impacted by the action.

There are certainly more constructive ways to make one’s opinions heard than to prevent lawful victims of crime from receiving the information and resources they seek because the lines are tied up by scam callers, an unimpressed authority spokesman said to BuzzFeed.

The chairpeople attempt to enforce strong immigration policy, which attested a major theme from early in his election campaign, has been repeatedly baffled by law and government resist. Trumps atrocious passage disallow was blocked by federal the tribunals and Congress are hesitating to fund his Mexico margin wall.

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