A guy in Lithuania convinced Google and Facebook to send him $100 million

A 48 -year-old Lithuanian worker worded Evaldas Rimasauskas managed to defraud internet whales Facebook and Google of $100 million over a span of two years, according to Fortune and the United States Department of Justice. How’d he do it? A little email phishing, of course.

Rimasauskas set up several accountings in Latvia and Cyprus for the purposes of the name of an Asian “computer hardware manufacturer” that does business with the search monstrou and the social monstrou, according to the Justice Department. Then he set up phony email accountings pretending to be representatives of the hardware companionship. He exploited those phony accountings to request money from Google and Facebook, who wired currency his channel. That kind of currency may have caused some created eyebrows at the banks into which Rimasauskas funneled the money, but he “forged statements, contracts, and characters that falsely appeared to have been performed and signed by executives and agents” of Google and Facebook, according to the Justice Department. All that paperwork too went with official-looking Google and Facebook logos.

Once the money was in a bank account he owned, Rimasauskas referred it along to other accountings under his dominance in “Latvia, Cyprus, Slovakia, Lithuania, Hungary, and Hong Kong.”

The two companies eventually figured out they’d sent money to fraudulent accountings, at which point the FBI got involved. Now, Rimasauskas stands charged with an offence three tallies of money cleaning as well as exasperated name stealing and wire impostor. If given the maximum sentence for each of these costs, he’d face more than 80 years in prison.

For now, he’s facing expulsion in Lithuania. According to Fortune , his advocate adds Rimasauskas “cannot expect a fair and impartial experiment in the USA.”

We spotted this impostor against our dealer control unit and immediately alerted the authorities concerned, ” a Google spokesperson wrote in an email. “We refunded the funds and we’re pleased this matter is resolved.

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