Gigantic Rabbit Mysteriously Dies On United Airlines Flight To O’Hare Airport

United Airline might want to consider a brief hiatus.

The drama continues for United( and again in Chicago) after the would-be worlds largest rabbit vanished on his nature to OHare on April 24.

Its as if some strange scourge has been placedover the Chicago area, so perhaps its good to eschew incoming and outbound flights from the Chicago airport for the time being( just sayin ).

Strange swears aside, United Airline( regardless of place) has certainly range us through a compas of spirits over the past weeks.

We were fitted with fury upon detecting a 69 -year-old physician, David Dao, being violently dragged off his flight from OHare. The viral video left us all in shock.

Then, we couldnt feel a duet en route to their destination bridal had been kicked off their flight. Who would have thought that moving to unoccupied tushes would generate conflict?

Earlier this week, a patrolman discovered his accountof Daosstory one that seemed quite different from the viral video.

Oh, causes not forget the teen fares who werestopped from boarding for wearing leggings. Yikes.

Now, “were about” mourning the loss of a seemingly healthy animal who was taken from us with no explanation why.

According to TMZ, breeder Annette Edwards was communicating the hair ball to his new dwelling a new celebrity owned fromHeathrow in London to OHare when the heartbreak occurred.

She sells the rabbitsfor roughly $600, and it takes about $6,000 to invoke them.

Our deceased 10 -month-old bun, Simon, wason track to outweigh his father, the worlds largest bunny at over 4 feet.

Apparently, Simon was found dead in the planes cargo holding upon arriving in Chicago.Our mettles are surely cracking thinking of the situation.

We cant take another upsetting statu, just as United cannot take another PR woe.

According to USA Today, the airline released a statement reading,

We are upset to hear this news.

The safety and well being of all animals that circulate with us is of the increased importance to United Airline and our PetSafeteam.

Lets hope the chaos objective soon.

RIP Simon. Our concludes are with you and your worlds-largest-bunny father.

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