Guns aren’t allowed at Trump’s NRA speech and people can’t handle the irony

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Donald Trump Republican presidential applicant Donald Trump waves to the crowd after speaking at the National Rifle Association convention, in Louisville, Ky

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President Trump speaking at the NRA’s annual meeting in Atlanta on Friday, the first sitting President to do so since Reagan in 1983.

Georgia is an open-carry territory, and it’s is hoping that many attendees will bring grease-guns to the conference of the parties. It’s like the handgun prom. Beings are gonna want to show off.

Unfortunately for attendees who were hoping to encourage Trump on in person instead of their living room, they’ll have to choose between their fighter and their artillery: grease-guns won’t be allowed at his speech.

CNN reported that precautions like restricting grease-guns from public speaking occurrences are its procedure, along with “closely with … local law enforcement partners.” Enforcement and confidential security will be armed.

People can’t help but notice the mockery of it all the NRA adoration be asserted that the only circumstance that can stop a bad guy with a handgun is a good guy with a handgun … unless it’s the President’s life on the line, then there’s no such circumstance as a good circumstance with a handgun, we guess.

With all these good guy carrying grease-guns, you’d mull Trump would be well protected.

Some to mention here that Trump has kind of done this kind of circumstance before, but angering a different group of people.

Extremely valid wonder: what if there are digests ??

But at the end of the day, it’s like, what are you so afraid of, NRA?

Please join us in a collective sigh and go about your day.

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