Here are Trumps favorite words to tweet during his first 100 days

President Donald Trumps personal Twitter account, @realDonaldTrump, tell the story of his first 100 dates in the White House and, taking a moment to reflect on this period, analysts from the commander-in-chiefs favorite social network have written some data on his online behavior.

Digging into the statistics, the patriotic mood of Trumps tweets becomes immediately clear. When it comes to his hashtags, #MAGA, an abbreviation for his acclaimed campaign trail slogan Make America Great Again, transcends the list.

Its closely followed by # AmericaFirst, another slogan coined early in his presidency to describe his political aims, and #USA, often an ejaculation the president will tag on to the end of a tweetusually relating foreign policy.


Trumps most-used utterance, according to Twitter, is Great. As a onetime businessman and Tv temperament, Trump makes ratings and public favor very seriously, even abusing that lingo to describe his presidential achievements.

News/ media move the roster of his favorite names. More revealing, nonetheless, is that those are closely followed by Fake Newsthe presidents term for describing coverage he deems to be unfairly critical of his administration.

The presidents most tweeted at details also tell the story of his feud with the media.


The New York Times and CNN both move that roster, as two media organizations that tend to find themselves at the receiving boundary of the presidents scathing attacks.



That told, Trumps wished media channel, Fox News, and its show Fox& Friends get enough mentions to move the roster too.

Mentions of @realDonaldTrump by other Twitter customers spiked when youd expect, times of high-pitched controversyduring his inauguration, on the signing of his movement injunction executive prescribe, and the proposed directive regarding the U.SMexico margin wall.

As for the presidents most well known tweet since taking office? Well, it’s, perhaps, the most patriotic of them all.


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