Donald Trump prints out 2016 electoral maps and hands them out to people

President Donald Trump is still living in 2016. Specifically, he’s reliving Nov. 8, 2016, the day he won the White House. And he doesn’t want anyone to forget it.

Trump’s Electoral College victory remains one of the president’s go-to talking degrees, a thing he has brought up in countless interviews. But it shows simply mentioning that he won the electionas if anyone has forgottensimply isn’t trimming it.

During a recent interview with Reuters( in which Trump declared he anticipated being director would be easier than “its by” ), Trump handed out published delineates of the 2016 electoral map and sided them out to the reporters, according to Reuters’ Jeff Mason.


Trump won the 2016 poll over Democrat Hillary Clintonwith 306 electoral votesa health margin above the necessary 270 but by no means the largest electoral victory in recent biography. The win came as a resultof Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania flinging for Trump thanks to a combined total of just under 80,000 elects. Trump lost the favourite referendum by 2.8 million votesa illustration his victory map does not show.

Perhaps more strange than the chairperson of the United States granting reporters delineates of his electoral victory practically six months from he acquired reflects the fact that the appointment on the map is written British-style: 8 November 2016. Go figure.

This is the first we’ve heard of Trump doing this, so it’s entirely possible that he use the map print-out tactic as a mode to psyche-out the reporters or freshen their recognition.( Mason wasn’t sure why Trump returned him the handout .) Either thator the president is doing this all the time and the world is an ever stranger sit than any of us imagined.

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