AI accurately predicted Donald Trump’s 100 day approval rating

An artificial intelligence accurately predicted Donald Trumpsless-than-stellar firstly 100 -day approval rating down to the percentage point.

Unanimous AI was called into question by reporters at Modern Trader magazine to use its Swarm AI to predict the presidents rating at the end of his first milestone in power. The machine precisely came up with thehistorically low-pitched person of 42 percentthe same answer presented by the latest ABC News/ Washington Post surveys.

Not every outlet came up with thesame approval rating for Trump’s firstly 100 daylights. The CNN/ ORC survey granted the president a 44 percent approval rating, while Gallup gives it at an even lower 41 percent. The AI was able to accurately predict these results despite recent directors’ ratings being around 60 percent after the same extent of time in office.

Unanimous AI

The company consumes swarm intellect for what it calls artificial neural networks. Swarm intellect is a method of enlarging a groups intelligence by pooling together individual remembers, rulings, intuitions, and insights. Unanimous AI often refers this idea to how ants or bees work together to become a unified method that is stronger than its individual parts.

The process is fairly simple. Users log in to Unanimous AIs UNU system and contribute their ideas to the swarm intellect by asking a series of questions. This could be about anything from Oscar winners to presidential election results. Swarm AI gleans those results, relates them together, and fills in the breaches. Even though the AI makes the predication, it is human intellect that forms the foundation for how thoseresults arereached.

Unanimous AI has drawn sure to highlight the subtle differences between its method and standard polling. Instead of being asked to answer a question definitively using a best guess, the UNU platform asks users to describe their confidence in each of the given answer options. They do this by dragging a puck from the center of their screen to explanations laid out in a smother vector. The AI then determines the choice parties collectively seem most self-confident in.

Imagine 10 parties were asked who they reckon would earn the 2018 World Cup: USA or Germany. If six parties said the USA and four mentioned Germany then a poll would predict America as the winner. Now imagine those people squandered the UNU platform and everyone who chose the USA was unsure of their election, while the four who chose Germany is very much self-confident. In this case, Unanimous AI might give the cup to Germany.

This isnt the first time Swarm AI has seen into the future. It too accurately prophesied the presidential primaries, World Series, Kentucky Derby, Oscars, Grammys, and Super Bowl XLV.

Some of us may fear that AI will eventually take over humankind. Cause Swarm AI be a reminder that machines are merely as good as the humans behind them and we’re pretty damn good.

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