American democracy is winning… so far

( CNN) On the 100 th daylight of his presidency, Donald Trump again assaulted the media and stoked the embers of divisiveness that fueled his election. But on the very same day, Americans — even the majority who disapprove of Trump’s presidency — could find rationalizations to celebrate.

No, Trump has not turned out to be any less inflammatory as a chairperson than he was as successful candidates. And it’s far too early to claim the US has averted catastrophe. But the American people’s reaction to Trump’s election has proven much stronger than anyone expected.

And with the 100 -day marker signaling the end of the beginning of his presidency, Americans, and a closely-watching world, can take note: America’s system of republic is strong. It’s strong enough to stand up to a boy with visceral dictatorial propensities and who came to power surrounded by conspiracy-minded ideologues vowing to “deconstruct” the system.

Is Trump’s anti-media hyperbole triumphing?