McCain to allies: Watch what Trump does, not what he says

( CNN) Sen. John McCain has a theme for US allies confused by the mixed themes and miscommunications coming from the White House on foreign policy: “Sometimes it’s important to watch what the President does rather than what he says.”

McCain was requested on CNN’s “State of the Union” Sunday what he tells global leader when President Donald Trump and his administration aren’t on the same page — as happened when the President declared in early April that an aircraft carrier ten-strike radical was headed to South Korea simply for it to be revealed weeks later that the naval radical was not on its way there after all.

“I tell them that[ Trump is] bordering himself with an superb national protection crew, ” McCain told anchor Jake Tapper, resonating his past homage for Secretary of Defense James Mattis and national protection consultant H.R. McMaster. “I can’t ensure to global leader that he will always listen to them, but he has so far.”