Samantha Bee Took On Donald Trump In Her Savage ‘Not The WHCD’ Special

Samantha Bee nursed her long-awaited Not The White House Correspondents Dinner in Washington , D.C. on Saturday night and let me mention she did not disappoint.

The Full Frontal with Samantha Bee star announced she was accommodating the event back in January after Donald Trump was affirmed in as president of the United States.

As her devotees know, Bee is never one to shy away from calling Trump out.

Saturday nights event was no different. While the press and even our past( dead) directors werent in the clear either, Samantha Bee made it clear President Donald Trump was her biggest target of the night.

Bee started off subtle by commending the press and simultaneously calling Trump out for threatening them, but concepts went hot pretty quickly. Bee replied,

We are living in a Golden Age of journalism. Unfortunately, thats partly due to a gilded chairman whos rumored to enjoy gilded showers.

She too announced out President Donald Trumpover his proposed wall at the Mexico border. She said she wanted her Not The WHCD patrons to have a great time, so, she replied,

As I promised you in the bidding, at a later date, I will date Mexico to pay for all your drinks.

Then Bee took the trending information to a brand-new tier. She told Trump: You sold beings on gigantic hopes and lies Youre basically the presidential Fyre Festival.

We too gotsome special Trump shovels from Will Ferrell in his George W. Bush impersonation. Yeah, that really happened.

Ferrell joked,

For the longest time, I was considered the worst chairman of all time. That has changed. I requirement eight years of cataclysmic torrent, a conflict is built around a lie, an financial trouble. The brand-new person requirement a hundred daytimes. Hes now widely considered the worst chairman of all time. I come in second. Im fine with that , no one recollects second place.

With these legendary comedians, the farces never get old.

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