There are limits to how much Facebook can do for us

( CNN) We’re asking a lot of social media companionships these days. Sure, we want revises from our friends. And we want the latest word. But we also want to avoid the least savory parts of content twirling online, including sickening brutality and foreign propaganda.

Lately, the ask has been particularly strong for social media companies to help with the last ingredient — the elimination of unwanted content peddled by unsavory performers. Weary of word feeds and sketch sheets interspersed by graphic brutality and imitation word, countless Americans — especially those annoyed by the role that fake word may have played in President Trump’s election — have, in a sense, told social media companionships: “Fix this.”

The companionships are clearly sounding that ask. Thursday, Facebook wrote its first-ever public report on “Information Operations and Facebook.” Facebook is a known fact that the categories of information procedures long perpetrated by governments against one another are now arising on Facebook’s platform. These include spreading imitation word and manipulating political dialogue.

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