The State Department wants visa applicants to hand over their social media handles

And what’s your Twitter handle, sir ?

Image: David McNew/ Getty Images

If you’re applying for a visa in the United States, the U.S. authority may want to follow you on social media.

The State Department demands more United States visa the candidates to hand over their social media handles, according to Reuters.

Though the requirement supposedly doesn’t apply to anyone of a specific clan, it would affect anyone “determined to authorize added investigation in connection with terrorism or other national security-related visa ineligibilities.”

These entrants would have to list the social media handles they’ve being implemented in the past five years, though the government wouldn’t request passwords for those holds( even if borderline operators can and do demand social media passwords from visitors pretty much when they like ). Entrants would also “re going to have to” hand over any phone number and mailing address they’ve used during the past five years old, and they’d are required to provide the U.S. authority with informed about their lives that crosses the previous 15 years.

President Donald Trump has talked up “extreme vetting” of migrants and visitors to the U.S ., and has previously targeted various Muslim-majority commonwealths with pas proscriptions and restrictions.

The Trump administration no longer lets fares to use their own laptops on flights headed for the U.S. that take off from various airports in Muslim-majority commonwealths, and the president signed an executive say in March that forbade citizens of Libya, Iran, Yemen, Sudan, Somalia, and Syria from acquiring brand-new U.S. visas.

These changes now thoughts to the Office of Management and Budget, which has to decide on them ahead of May 18.

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