Caitlyn Jenner’s Book Is A Huge Flop! See The Sad Numbers!

Looks like the secrets of Caitlyn Jenner‘s life are going to have to stay secret!

The KUWTK is professing enthusiasm on Instagram over representing the bestseller rosters, but we think her digits are singing a less joyful tune…

On both the Wall Street Journal and New York Times nonfiction rosters, she debuted at# 8. And on USA Today‘s nonfiction listing, she debuted at #15. Out of 15. So it’s only kind of a bestseller.

Making the rosters at all may seem big-hearted, but you have to remember she got an unheard of$ 4 million advancement for this thing! That should be a MEGAHIT. Not a minor blip that vanishes the following week.

On Amazon, the memoir stalled at #296 and is( as of this writing) down to #361! The Kindle version was even lower at #487!

Do YOU know any person who has rushed out to buy The Mysteries Of My Life ??

[ Image via Grand Central Publishing .]