Starbucks Is Being Sued Over The Unicorn Frappuccino

Last month, when Starbucks introduced the Unicorn Frappuccino for only a limited drain, the internet just about lost its damn knowledge. Stores literally sold out of the blue and pink sugar rush in a cup, and baristas everywhere were affixing pictures of how “peoples lives” had mostly been devastated by the drink( same tho ). It had absolutely no coffee in it, and we knew that whoever administers karma would find a way to get them back for this monstrosity. Sours out it didnt take long, and Starbucks are liable to be headed to court over the Unicorn Life-Ruiner Frappuccino.

A coffee shop in Brooklyn announced The End has flung Starbs with a $10 million logo suit, claiming that they started selling a Unicorn Latte back in December and have had a logo work pending since earlier this year. The imbibe looks, um, exactly like the Starbucks version, except all the ingredients are healthy-sounding, like bone-dry maca beginning, cashew, and blue-green algae. Still voices fucking blatant, but at least its not going to singlehandedly give you diabetes.

Starbucks, of course, speaks the lawsuit is dumbprobably because it is. The End argue that “In addition to having a highly same call, Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino shares visual similarities to the Unicorn Latte in that both were brightly colored and featured the dyes pink and blue-blooded prominently.” This has got to be the prototype of hipster Brooklyn shit to not only be like “We did it before it travelled mainstream, ” but to SUE OVER IT. Really, hipsters, you’re gonna litigate because someone copied your colour scheme? Because genuinely, if we wanna get technological, rose quartz and tranquillity( aka pink and blue-blooded) were Pantone’s dyes of its first year in 2016. So. Check mate.

Starbucks’ advocates put out a half-assed affirmation about how the drink was inspired by the recreation, spirited and colored unicorn-themed meat and suck that have been trending in social media. While they of course dont have indicated that they made the idea from The Demise, theyre mostly admitting that they got the idea because some apprentice was moving down their Instagram explore page and envisioned some blue-blooded and pink shit.

While we’re glad we weren’t the only ones who were personally victimized by the Unicorn Frappuccino, this lawsuit seems as unnecessary as the ability of this drink in the first place. We’re pretty sure the Unicorn Frappuccino is once over, so isn’t it a moo target? What is Starbucks gonna do, offer this random-ass coffee shop all the money they earned from the Unicorn Frap? Will they problem a personal confession for the aggression on our Instagram feeds, along with a promise to cease and forbear all rainbow colored liquors? One can only hope.


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