Bombay Sapphire gin recalled for having far too much alcohol

Depending on their advantages, gin alcoholics in Canada were somewhat disappointed or delightfully surprised to hear recent acquires of Bombay Sapphire gin.

Canadian liquor authorities have reportedly recalled an improperly distilled batch of Bombay Sapphire after it was found to contain roughly doubled the amount of booze advertised, reports the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.


According to the CFIA, the Liquor Control Board of Ontario determined that, during production, sure-fire 1.14 -liter bottles of Bombay Sapphire London Dry Gin were bottled before the dilution process, ensuing in an booze content of 77 percentage rather than the 40 percentage that is displayed on the label.

USA Today adds that it was the liquid corporation behind Bombay itself which prompted the recall after a purchaser complained.

“Bacardi is committed to quality for all of insurance premiums commodities within its portfolio, ” told spokeswoman Amy Federman in a statement obtained by Ontario-based news organisation SooToday. “The over-proof concoction mistakenly had participated in the bottling indication during a short time when they were switching from one bottling barrel to another bottling tank.”


The Liquor Control Board advises that consumers refrain from boozing the gin, and instead dispose of the product or return it back to the place where it was purchased.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency also confirmed that the storages themselves have been instructed to draw the affected bottles, which can be identified by their concoction system( L16304W) or their UPC( 6 20213 19020 8).

Barardi Limited, the company that produces Bombay Sapphire, has also confirmed to USA Today that simply six Canadian business have been affected: Ontario, Nova Scotia, Manitoba, Alberta, Quebec and Saskatchewan.

SooToday was pointed out that, in total, 1,464 bottles were affected by the bottling accident, but until now, simply about 275 have been returned or destroyed.

Bacardi Limited enunciates no healths have been reported as a result of the over-proof gin.

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