Nuclear football reportedly set to get private apartment in Trump Tower

The U.S. Pentagon is apparently close to approving a rental for the purposes of an apartment in the Trump Tower in New York that they are able to house the White House Military Office when President Trump sees the city.

The White House Military Office, which is a contingent of the Pentagon, is tasked withamong other thingsprotecting the far-famed nuclear football.

Reuters reported on Friday that it goal a note from the Pentagon to Rep. Jackie Speier, D-Calif, who is a member of the House Armed and Work Committee.

The report said it is unclear how much the lease will cost taxpayers.

James MacStravic, a Defense Department official, reportedly said in the note that the apartment is privately owned and the negotiations for the lease is between the Pentagon and owner only.

“We are not aware of any intends through which the President would privately benefit from a Government lease of this infinite, ” MacStravic said in the note viewed by Reuters. The note said these kinds of arrangements while supporting a director are not uncommon.

The Reuters report to mention here that Democrats have expressed concerns about the Pentagon looking to lease within the Trump Tower.

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