Experts streamline guidelines for treating osteoporosis

( CNN) About half of Americans over senility 50 gamble separated bones due to osteoporosis, a condition that begins lessening bone mass and deteriorating bone material. However, the number of patients being treated for the condition has been a decrease due to the mistaken perception that one type of prescription commonly carries dangers including atrial fibrillation and seam pain.

A new advisory publicized Monday in the periodical Annals of Internal Medicine, an update of the American College of Physicians’ recommendations from 2008, strongly cautions physicians to discus women around osteoporosis with the bone-boosting drugs denosumab or bisphosphonates for five years after diagnosis.

Osteoporosis, which feigns an estimated 54 million men and women in the United States, leads to high risk for bone fragility and cracking, especially in the trendy, prickle and wrist.