Facebook outage causes world-wide freakout

Facebook suffered another major outage Mondaynight that impacted its internet site, mobile app, and Messenger.

Users were met with the terrifying correct word,” Sorry, something went wrong. We’re working on it and we’ll get onto chosen as soon as we are in a position .”

Everyone’s immediate reaction was to go on other social media sites to express their reasonablies disparaging fear and concern.



Even police in Australia were at a loss with what the hell is do next.


At one point, #facebookdown started trending.



The outage only lasted a few hours, but had a widespread affect across Asia, Australia, and the United States. More than 7,500 beings reported problems to Downdetector starting at around 9:48 pm EST.

Here is a heat map from Downdetector proving countries reached the hardest.


All versions of the social network were back up and running Tuesdaymorning.

Facebook issued the following statement saying:” Earlier today, some Facebook users were unable to access Facebook briefly due to atechnical issue. We have now chosen the issue and apologize for any disadvantage caused.

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