A bunch nerdy parents named their sons Kylo in 2016

Every year around Mothers Day, the Social Security Administration releases its annual directory of the most popular identifies parents picked for their children in the most recent calendar year. And one of the newest enterings on that directory rising in popularity has gone to the dark side.

Its not peculiar for parents to call “their childrens” after favourite characters. Khaleesi, the Dothraki word for monarch, has been among the top 1,000 daughters names for a few years now. And with Leia and Anakin in past years, parents have searched to Star Wars to call their babies before. But more than a year after the release of The Force Awakens , the first trending newborn figure freed from the newest publication of the Star Wars franchise is Kylo.

Thats right. Mothers are now reputation their lads afterKylo Ren, the figure taken up by Ben Solo, the son of Han Solo and Leia Organa.

According to the SSA’s website, 238 people mentioned their lads Kylo in 2016, putting the identifies debut on the top 1,000 directory at 901.

Social Security Administration

Its not many compared to the overall listthe top 10 boys names on the directory alone accounted for more than 153,000 boysbut its a stunning debut for a figure that until recently wouldve been mistaken as a typo for Kyle.

Laura Wattenberg, who writes about newborn figure vogues on her blog Baby Name Wizard, called Kylo the fastest-rising boys name of 2016 , memorandum some of the other factors that wouldve built Kylo an appealing select for brand-new parents despite Kylo Rens dark fleck. For one thing, he killed his fatherone of Star Wars most beloved charactersin The Force Awakens .

This name stands as a supreme demonstration that celebrity-inspired reputation today is all about style , not about homages, Wattenberg wrote. The name’s sound couldn’t be hotter, a Kai/ Milo hybrid that applies a fresh coating of hot on old-time favorite Kyle.

Wattenberg likewise mentioned Bodhi as another fast-rising boy’s figure of 2016, which Rogue One devotees will recognize as the name of the Imperial pilot who defected to the Rebellion. However, the figure Bodhi has appeared on the SSAs top 1,000 newborn identifies directory since 2010 its led from 907 to 363 in seven yearsso its rise in vogue cant perfectly be attributed to Star Wars .

Social Security Administration

Other favourite Star Wars characters names such as Finn and Rey have shown up on the SSAs list, although neither can attach their illusion solely to Star Wars . While Rey been among the top 1,000 newborn identifies since 1999 it has yet to break into the girls directory. Finns popularity has risen long before John Boyegas character made up the figure, and its now the 175 th most popular boys name.

Social Security Administration

Social Security Administration

With the success of Rogue One and the freeing of The Last-place Jedi coming out this, well have to wait to see if other beloved characters identifies like Rey, Jyn, Cassian, and Poe will break through next year.

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