Everyone’s mocking Trump with their own ‘few exceptions’ after bizarre lawyer’s statement

Ah yes, with few exceptions, “were all” excellent angels, including Donald Trump.

On Friday morning, Trump’s lawyer exhausted a statement claiming that Donald Trump’s taxes( which he has not exhausted) show that he’s received no income of any sort from Russian sources over the past decade. “With few exceptions.”

AKA, with some exceptions, AKA the first account is not fully true-life. AKA if this was geometry your coach would look at the working paper, then up at you, then back at the working paper, sigh, and introduced a big scarlet X on it. But that’s with the high-pitched moral standing of 10 th score geometry , not the presidency.

People couldn’t help but notice how ridiculou this was, and instantly started to point out the fallacy of it on Twitter with #WithFewExceptions.

It’s real good.

Side note, What do you think Trump sees of Harry Styles’ new book? Would like to know.

Naturally, there were some doubled whammies of Trump criticism.

Ok, but this one’s true-life 😛 TAGEND

Nobody is safe.

Spiderman 3 deserve to be dragged into this.

Ah, plain and simple.

Frederick Douglass, you heard of that chap? Doing great things.

And, of course, it wouldn’t be a trending topic without some #BRANDS weighing in.

Oo, and self mindful brands at that! The differentiate of a absolutely long-lived direction. With few exceptions, surely.

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