#WithFewExceptions Is The Newest Meme To Troll Donald Trump About Russia

President Donald Trumpstax returns from the past 10 times do not show any income of any type from Russian beginnings, according to Trumps lawyers.

Wellthey dontshow any income of any type from Russian sources, according to the Associated Press.

The AP tweeted out this news, includes the phrase with some exceptions on Friday morning.

In response to this tweet, the internet gathered and started laughing.

Almost immediately, #WithSomeExceptions started tending on Gab:

The #WithFewExceptions tweets show few signals of stopping.

The few exceptions of income from Russian beginnings noted by the AP are over $95 million.

So, you are familiar with, really exceptions.

Trumps income from the past 10 times from Russian beginnings, according to his advocates, come from the 2013 Miss Universe pageant, which was hosted in Moscow, and the $95 million sale of a dimension to a Russian billionaire in 2008.

The advocates also said Russians is not have investments in Trump events and Trump does not owe any indebtednes to Russian lenders.

Trumps advocates told the AP this information without actually uttering them copies of his tax returns. So, the AP noted, this is just what the lawyers answered, with no way to confirm it outside of their claims.

Trumps tax returns have been a source of plot since he started loping for president a hundred( OK, really two) years ago.

As a candidate, Trump refused to exhaust his tax returns, going against what every other major presidential campaigner has done in the modern era. He said it was because he was under an IRS audit, which a lot of people called a bullshit reason.

Tax renders show where person or persons gets their income. Like, for example, if theyve been getting fund from Russians in exchange for providing them some assistance or product.

There have been some versions of his tax returns made accidentally public, including a boring constitute from 2005and his 1995 rendersshowing a $916 million loss.

As president, Trump has continued to refuse to uncover whats going on with his taxes, claiming that no one is cares about them.

To prove that maybe a few people care about them a giant tax paradehappened in D.C. and in the various regions of the United States on April 15, with hundreds of thousands of people out demanding to see Trumps tax returns.

Politicians has been trying to figure out legal ways to force Trump to exhaust his tax returns. So far, its not working.

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