Did The German Embassy Just Subtweet America?

It’s been one helluva ride lately for American politics.

In the past week alone, President Donald Trump fuelled FBI Director James Comey, who was investigating whether Trump’s campaign colluded with Russia during the election, causing a chao of anger and confusion from both sides of the political alley. Not to mention, the Trump administration’s explanation for Comey’s highly unusual eviction unravelled fairly quickly.

So, when the German embassy in Washington offered a bit of interestingly seasoned insight on Friday, a lot of parties believed it was subtweeting America and shedding some major shade.

” Ever knowledge pleasure from someone’s accident ?” the embassy tweeted Friday afternoon.” There’s a #German word for that: Schadenfreude !

The embassy’s tweet included a link to its official website, with a blog post that contains a more detailed clarity of schadenfreude .

” Do you wish the best for everyone — even your opponents? Or do you gain pleasure from watching someone neglect ?” the article, written by German embassy novelist Nicole Glass, reads.

” Most of you would probably never admit to feeling Schadenfreude ,” Glass continues.” But be honest: do feelings of Schadenfreude creep up on you when they’re related to someone who wronged you in the past ?”

To be fair, the embassy’s schadenfreude invoke could be completely innocuous. Nowhere in the tweet does the embassy mention Trump or Comey , nor does it make any political invoke. The tweet appears to be part of the embassy’s weekly social information campaign #WordOfTheWeek, which shares German words and their definitions.

For example, last week’s German message of the working day was much friendlier: zweisamkeit , defined as” a very intimate, symmetrical togetherness without anyone else being in the picture .”

Still, some people premised Friday’s tweet was the German embassy’s strive at trolling the Trump administration. With all the crazy word lately, it’s hard to blame them.

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