LGBT Leaders: Gay Marriage Is Not Enough

Fridays 5-4 U.S. Supreme Court regulating moved same-sex wedlock officially legal nationwide. Great. Whats next?

The Court closed the case of Obergefell v. Hodges , regulating that the Equal Protection Clause of the 14 th Amendment does not allow states to ban same-sex marriage. But other critical issues facing LGBT Americans have been waiting for the same concoction of financing and public interest that carried same-sex wedlock over the threshold.

For decades, same-sex wedlock has been something of an ide fixe for the LGBT political mainstreamno other issue reached the same level of awareness nor inspired fairly so much expend. But to quote a psalm that was more popular back in 1970 when a Minnesota county clerk accepted the wedlock permission application of two homosexual men as well as introduced this judicial debate into action: Its all over now, baby blue. So, where to from here?

I invited the commanders of several LGBT organizations, big and small, to share their plans in light of todays win. LGBT managers told The Daily Beast they celebrate the Supreme Courts verdict but hope that politicians and the public can form their attention to a wide range of other artistic and legal troubles facing their communities.

For many, its as simple as devoting more attention to letters in the acronym besides that capital G, starting with the L. Beth Shipp, executive director of LPAC, a lesbian political action committee, pointed out that amplifications for LGBT people are not appeared equally along gender lines.

We seem to be at an incredible station in our LGBT history, on the cliff of full equality; and hitherto, these discriminations[ like RFRAs] warn lesbian and lesbian womanhoods economic security, our political equality and our personal freedoms. All the while, the reproduction rights of women continue to erode, Shipp told The Daily Beast.

Poverty, contraception, and abortion might not seem like inherently LGBT topics but they are certainly intertwined with them. According to the Center for American Progress, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender women are more likely to live in privation than their heterosexual and non-transgender copies. They are also at high risk of sex crime, as the National Center for Lesbian Rights indicates, which makes abortion access essential for dykes and bisexual women.

BiNet USA board members Aud Traher and Faith Cheltenham hope the public can now recognize that there are roughly as many bisexual people in the U.S. as there are dykes and gay males blended, and considerably acknowledge the role bisexual people have played in the fight for an issue that has too often been referred to as homosexual marriage.

Now that weve won wedlock, we need immediate and concrete support for bisexual parish issues including domestic violence cases, abuse and sex crime, poor health, privation and suicidality, they told The Daily Beast.

Bisexual people, especially bisexual women, know-how high rates of domestic violence and have some of the worst mental health sequels of any demographic in the U.S..

But foreground the T seems remarkably urgent after todays regulating. Every LGBT leader who contacted The Daily Beast mentioned that issues facing transgender people, especially transgender people of color, should become a priority moving forward.

Kris Hayashi, executive director of the Oakland-based Transgender Law Center, told The Daily Beast that the united nations will continue doing business as usual: Our priorities remain unchanged by the wedlock decision: We are working toward a future where all people can live safely, authentically, and free from discrimination irrespective of gender name or expression.In addition to being able to pointing out the tragically repeated murders of transgender women working in colour, Hayashi requires the LGBT movement to address other social troubles that acutely affect transgender people: education, unemployment, shortage of better access to health care, racism, and police violence.

Greta Gustava Martela, co-founder of Trans Lifeline, a crisis hotline for transgender people, made it clear that high rates of anti-LGBT violence and suicide will not simply disappear now that same-sex wedlock has been legalized.

Transgender women, specially transgender women working in colour, are overwhelmingly the people represented by LGBT violence and suicide statistics, and hitherto we have to struggle for simple-minded illustration in the LGBT movement, Martela said.

In 2012, the National Coalition of Anti-Violence programs found that, of 25 the number of victims of anti-LGBT homicides that time, 73 percentage were people of color and 53 percentage were transgender women( PDF ).

This level of anti-LGBT violenceas it was present at the intersections of hasten, gender name, and citizenshipwas a central preoccupation for the organizations who spoke with The Daily Beast. Many seemed little concerned with LGBT people getting married than they were with simply preserving LGBT people safe and alive.

In light of todays regulating, New York-based transgender advocacy society Sylvia Rivera Law Project( SRLP) invited LGBT managers to prioritize racial and economic right work to increase the health and wellness of our communities, with specific attention to people in the LGBT community who are inadequate, incarcerated , non-white, or who are immigrants. Southerners on New Ground( SONG ), a grassroots LGBT organization in the South, shares these priorities.

Prioritizing our collective survival by centering on poor person, women, trans and gender non-conforming people, immigrants, and people of color, is no other programme that doesnt leave our people behind and comes us to the end of freeing, SONG managers said.

Felipe Sousa-Rodriguez, deputy executive director for United We Dream( UWD ), a youth-led U.S. immigrant society, called todays regulating bittersweet for the estimated 267,000 LGBTQ people who are also undocumented.

The reality for them is that they face unrelenting discrimination for both sex direction and gender issues name as well as their immigration status, he said.

Carlos Padilla, the programmes coordinator of UWDs Queer Undocumented Immigrant Project( QUIP ), was pointed out that undocumented LGBT immigrants front high rates of violence and sex crime in detention centers, a station very recently raised by Jennicet Gutirrez during President Obamas statements at a White House Pride Month event on Wednesday.

To make questions worse, the Department of Homeland Security often arranges these people into solitary confinement for their own defence, Padilla added. This is torture and we cannot stand for it as a country.

Undocumented LGBT people are also overrepresented in statistics on LGBT violence, constituting 3 percent of the U.S. LGBT community but accounting for 8 percent of LGBT hate-violence survivors.

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