The 5 Oddest American Trends That Other Countries Stole

America is the great melting pot. Generations upon generations of disparate cultures, all exactly stewing together in the tasty broth of opennes. That’s what spawned the two countries what it is today: A barren hellscape patrolled by Corporate Overbots, murderous brand-enforcement monotones whose every pealing pace routes panic into- Oh, sorry, that’s tomorrow. We skipped onward a bit in the chronology. We meant to say, “That’s what spawned the two countries what it is today: a racial powerhouse.” In point, America Americas so hard that even other, less-American countries have to get in on this All-American war. Like …


Northern korean Hate America( But Love American Brands )

North Koreans are taught that everything erroneous with “the worlds” — and peculiarly everything erroneous with North Korea — is only the defect of America and the sins of capitalism. That’s why it’s so peculiar that, when French photographer Eric Lafforgue toured the country to captivate a photographic essay of its people, he came back with pics like these 😛 TAGEND

Eric Lafforgue
“Just Do It … Or You Travel To Gulag.”

All across Pyongyang, Lafforgue encountered people sporting distinctly American corporate logoes: Nike, McDonald’s, Mickey Mouse, and … Bart Simpson?

Eric Lafforgue
Better to eat short-spokens than to eat good-for-nothing at all .

When asked about the products, citizens didn’t understand any problem: They told Lafforgue that they were Chinese in beginning. And that’s not entirely wrong — the vast majority of North Korea’s goods are imported from China, aka “America’s sweatshop.”

It doesn’t tip at robe: Here’s an obvious rip-off of America’s favorite soda, creatively relabeled “Cocoa Crabonated [ sic ] Drink.”

Eric Lafforgue

After six successful trip-ups to North Korea, and slipping out the thousands of photos, Lafforgue was eventually banned from the two countries — whether for uncovering its raging privation, its hypocritical passion of Western commodities, or exactly to keep Coke from sending Copyright advocates to Pyongyang, we simply do not know.


American Subcultures Never Die; They Just Retire To Japan

Japan has no shortage of unique subcultures, arraying from people who dress like dolls, the whole way to people who dress like other, more disturbing dolls. But there’s spate of America in that desegregate: Make, for example, Chicano Rap, arising at you straight from Tokyo( by way of East L.A ., by way of Mexico ). It all began when evidence name proprietor Shin Miyata became mesmerized with everyone’s sixth favorite ‘7 0s cop prove, CHiPs , and the Chicano culture represented therein. The subculture has since grown into a veritable phenomenon, ended with lowriders, black-and-white tattoos, and seriously on-point makeup.

They’re repping Eastside. No, farther east. Farther still …

Performers in the genre don’t imitation cholo lifestyle thinly — they full-on embody it, choosing completely new names like MoNa aka Sad Girl, El Latino, and GARCiA. But even Tokyo’s Cholos aren’t as dedicated as Tokyo’s Rockabillies.

This is retaliation for Elvis’ “kimono” season .

Unlike America, where Rockabilly has been largely forgotten, the genre heard a huge rebirth in ‘8 0s Japan, and it exclusively germinated in the ‘9 0s. Now, on any returned Sunday, you can find the Tokyo Rockabilly Club in Yoyogi park. Don’t worry, you can’t miss them: They’ll be the ones floored out in full skin, rocking out to the finest of the ‘5 0s, and sporting duck’s ass hairdos you are able — nay, should — ramp a DeSoto off of.

The strand between “pompadour” and “anime lightning hair” is a penalize one .


European “American Parties” Feature Red Solo Cups And A Million Calories

If Instagram is any mark, “American Party” have taken Europe by squall, presumably property at Normandy before broad south and to the east.

And you thought they detested us !

Everyone knows the only thought Americans desire more than Old Glory and casual racism is fueling their ever-growing waistlines, so one of the most important aspects of an American party is the food: Haphazard Joes, burgers, hot dog, pizza, donuts, popcorn, French fries, soda, and anything else with at least a 500:1 calorie-to-nutrient ratio. But the single most important element of any American Party is, of course, the humble red Solo goblet.

And their account of brew pong is somehow more American than ours .

As any ‘9 0s teenage slapstick cinema can tell you, it is literally absurd to hurl a party in the U.S.A. without scarlet Solo cups. They’re so crucial to the experience that Europeans have taken to begging their U.S.-bound friends and relatives to bring back as numerous bundles of them as their luggage can handle.

That’s presumably likewise how they smuggle in their party garb, because there’s simply no other room to garment so authentically American 😛 TAGEND

That patrolman is missing, like, three beds of rampage gear .

Of course, there’s a thin line between accuracy and “wildly offensive.”

Actually, the committee is pretty genuine very .


Germans Have A Strange Infatuation With Playing Indian

Adult Germans have an inexplicable obsession with frisking Cowboys and Indians. Well, with the “Indians” part, anyway.

Hey, if your most memorable racial stereotype was the Nazis, you might widen your cyberspace, very .

Actually, excavating into it a bit, it may be more intelligible than we first judged: When American soldiers liberated Berlin at the end of World War II, they were amazed was discovered that, just like the kids back home, German progenies adoration to play at a romanticized account of the American Old West. This was largely due to the work of German scribe Karl May, who drew upon his vast know-how of having once predicted The Last Of The Mohicans to confine a series of tales reciting the thrilling adventures of Old Shatterhand, a German immigrant to America who advances the plateaux with an Apache lead known as Winnetou.

Those journals, in turn, inspired an immensely favourite series of 1960 s films, and that’s how you wind up with countless Germans — who once have a “thing” for nudity — quoting accuracy as a pretext to just submerge their dongs with miniscule strips of leather.

“Hey, newborn. Wanna cure me use every part of the buffalo? ”

Germany is host to hundreds of hobbyist sororities in which “thousands of Germans with an Red indian fetish potion firewater, wear turquoise jewelry and run around targets like Baden-Wurttemberg or Schleswig-Holstein dressed as Comanches and Apaches.” These addicts waste their weekends camping out in teepees, reenacting duels between tribes, contributing themselves native-sounding lists like “White Wolf” and “Great Eagle( but not the Nazi manner ), ” and exactly generally doing lots of things involving feathers.



Brazil Has An Annual Festival Honoring The American Confederacy

If you’re a shitty being would be interested to flee the consequences of your own shittiness, ogle no further than South America. You might think we’re referring to its notorious infestation of Nazi war criminals, but they were just following in the magnificent lore of thwarted prejudiceds before them …

Eighty times before the Nazis fled to the sun and amusing of Brazil, at least 10, 000 Civil War Henchman did the same. Today, their offsprings, known as the Confederados , status their Southern American springs every April at the Festa Confederada in — no shit — Americana, Brazil.

In direct contrast to literally everything you’d rightfully expect about it, the “Confederate Party” is actually a multi-ethnic revelry, where people of every skin color gather to eat fried chicken, dress in period-appropriate robe, square dancing, and abide absolutely inattentive to the bigoted springs of the culture they’re celebrating.

“We were told it was about states’ the same rights and nothing else, yes? ”

If anything, the celebration is actively anti-hate, with festival organizers instituting a barrier check where sinewy bouncers filter out anyone exposing the SS, the swastika, the KKK insignia, or any other imagery often associated with white-hot ascendancy … the obvious exception being, you are familiar with, all the rebel flags.

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